Top 9 Easiest Boss Fights In Video Game History

A difficult boss fight will make you feel like you are climbing the rungs of the ladder of progress. The following nine boss fights, however, feel more like speed bumps. Read on for the nine easiest boss fights in video game history.

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A Cupcake for Gabe3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

I got a better one. The last two enemies in WET. The vampire girl and the main boss dude are both defeated in the end through the last 3 minutes of sh*tty cutscenes with a cumilative of 5 or 6 buttons in total from 2 QTEs during. You never have to fight either one. What a joke.

bloopertrooper3996d ago

So you basically talk them to death?

alphakennybody3996d ago

roman from UC drakes fortune. He was all tough throughout 92% of the game then bam! headshot and not by you but by Navaro.

bloopertrooper3996d ago

thats kind of like lucian in fable 2

iamnsuperman3996d ago

I remmeber Mysterio. When his life bars when up i thought holy crap this is going to be tough. What was the point of that boss fight

bloopertrooper3996d ago

"LOL mysterio sure is lame"?

DNAgent3996d ago

Surely a cloud with a smiley face must have taken weeks of preparation before you could actually beat it. A boss that looks like that is surely intimidating and could even pass for a boss in a game like Demon's Souls.

bloopertrooper3996d ago

... but when you play in Wilford Brimley mode, the candy cloud is a one hit instakill!

Otheros003996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

You can kill them by spaming the same move over and over also add to the fact that you can dodge all attacks by rolling and you finish the game before you reach lv 30. I also forgot that you can defeat all the bosses without upgrading your weapons.