Mortal Kombat Combo Exhibition Video

Gamekit: "Now we know you haven’t been interested in a Mortal Kombat game since you were in school and playing MK3, but trust us this one is going right back to the roots of the MK series with huge combos, impressive visuals and most importantly incredibly gory fatalities."

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DNAgent3994d ago

The video says it can't be played in my country or w/e so once I got around that, the video was nothing but clips cut from the Gamespot E3 Interview with Mortal Kombat music in it.


i was about to shoot someone because i guess whatever playcast is is blocked in the us and i couldnt watch this video, but if its just those same clips then who cares.

thanks for letting me know!

Muramasta3994d ago

Forgot to embed the video. Done now.

redDevil873993d ago

Looks kinda floaty :| i want the game, but i hope it doesn't feel floaty

milohighclub3993d ago

i hope it has the music from the movie its awesome, i know it wont but still can dream

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