Mirror's Edge "Still Alive" Game Music of the Day

Any type of game music can be worthwhile, and those that experienced the entire soundtrack to the amazing and amazingly underplayed Mirror’s Edge know how great its ambient, electronic soundscapes were. But in my old age (27 going on 60) I might hear the music as I’m playing, but I don’t really listen. No, I’m too busy getting angry at some puzzle or mentally composing my grocery list. However, once a game reaches its climax I’m all ears, which is when I heard and listened to Still Alive, the magnificent ending theme to Mirror’s Edg

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Nate-Dog2980d ago

Awesome song, music is fantastic in it. Have it on my MP3 still.

Nike2979d ago

Just listened to the song recently after a long time. Still Alive = Still Awesome. Wish Lisa Miskovsky would produce some more music (her older tracks are really good too).

EvilBlackCat2979d ago

EA why you torture us!!!! Deliver us!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHH!!!!!!!! Mirrors EDGE FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WildArmed2979d ago

oh, yes.
One of the very few reasons why I bought the game.
I hope to see a sequel to it.
It's not a bad game, it's just very narrow in what it tries to do.

Nihilism2979d ago

I agree, I got the bonus soundtrack with the game...don't know if it came with all versions.

hoolesy2979d ago

Still Alive by Lisa Miskovsky puts shivers down my spine. Awesome soundtrack and groundbreaking game. A real underdog. On my shypod too.

HeroXIV2979d ago

When EA show Mirror's Edge 2 it'll only take the Still alive track to make me scream like a little girl. XD

DeeZee2979d ago

That song gives me goosebumps! Such an awesome track and come Dice & EA! Mirrors Edge 2 please!?

NJShadow2979d ago

I have every single variation and remix of this song, absolutely love this beautiful piece. One of the things that definitely drew me into the game was the incredible soundtrack, gorgeous graphics and innovative gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.