Mewtwo's Disappointment

Funny Comic about that one Pokemon we could never give a fair fight.

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danmachine2984d ago

NEWS for gamers!!!!!!!!

NEWS!!!! NEWS!!!! NEWS!!!! NEWS!!!! NEWS!!!! NEWS!!!! NEWS!!!! NEWS!!!!

*passes out*

Shang-Long2984d ago

may not be news but it is funny

SilentNegotiator2984d ago

Funny, I suppose, but that's what is for.

BannedForNineYears2984d ago

But this is why I like N4G.
It has top-tens, funny things like this, and reviews.
Yay for N4G! :D

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makult2984d ago

Pretty funny comic. :) It's also good to see MewTwo get lots of attention today with not only that comic but this pumpkin carving of him too.

Nike2983d ago

This joke is 12 years late.

AzzidReign2984d ago

It sucks when you get tea bagged by master balls...

boogeyman9992984d ago

Holy shit, who brought Chris Rock to N4g?

Nitrowolf22984d ago

Anyone else do this ten or more years ago on red version?

Nihilism2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I could never get the mew cheat to work....maybe it was B.S and it was only possible via gameshark.

Missingno. ftw, seriously awesome leveling up with that. I'm glad that sites like existed because it made all the variables for pokemon stats much more transparent, you could essentially calculate the exact stats your pokemon would have at lvl 100

Mewtwo was a beast, it and Darkrai trade blows for my fav pokemon

SOAD2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

What's darkrai?

Thanks for the info. I haven't been able to play a Poke'mon game past Gold/Silver.

Nihilism2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

It's in pokemon platinum and the japanese version of diamond/pearl by default, you can get it in the english version of diamond and pearl too, but only by a special gift thing from those nintendo events.

My gameshark kindly gifted me the item needed to trigger the event so I had it and arceus in my english diamond game. ( and all the old school cats like lugia )

It's a dark type that learns a unique move called dark void. 80% chance to hit, instantly puts them to sleep for several turns, then you can use dream eater etc. It's special ability takes 10% of their life away while they are asleep too...bad ass

Yeah silver was a high point in the series, each gen I tell myself I won't buy the next iteration...but I always do, and always buy the next gen DS etc for it, and I always have a blast, they are still great games to this day, I just hate having to update my handheld...still god my DS fat, sold my DSi....needed the $'s..i'm going to look for an emulator for platinum, seeing as I used to own it and bought 2 DS's to play them...I think I am entitled to.

WildArmed2984d ago

Ah, The Mew cheat/trick is VERY real :D
I used to 'help' my friends get mew in their Red/Blue when I was 7 (or 8?) and get their lunch money in return!
lol i know, I know, I was a jerk.

Either way,
Mew made the game very easy since you get him VERY early on (right before you fight Gary in misty's town).

Oh good times ^^
Thanks for the flashback

And yes, I was one of those trainers who dupped their master ball once they got to that stupid island (that I dont remember the name of)

giantchicken2984d ago

He sure as shit didn't see that coming...

Rybakov2984d ago

he is psychic too shouldn't he be able to read minds

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