IGN: Swords Preview

IGN writes: "Like the renowned Nintendo classic Punch-Out!!, the Wii MotionPlus enabled game Swords is all about participating in a series of one-on-one challenges against different opponents. The difference here is that Swords tasks you with beating some pretty unbelievable adversaries, including a pirate, Lancelot, a Chi-wielding samurai and an actual robot. I sat down with a preview build of Swords to see how this game compares to other fighting games and -- more specifically -- other games that use the Wii MotionPlus".

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lil boy blue2984d ago

no hitter no hitter. this is mad by majesco one of the lamest wii devs out their name 1 good game they made if you disagree.

SpoonyRedMage2984d ago

A Boy and his Blob, Blast Works, (upcoming) Flip's Twisted World.

Not that I completely disagree, they do put out a lot of shovelware...

Mahr2984d ago

"this is mad by majesco one of the lamest wii devs out their"

Now, now. Let's be fair: Majesco is one of the lamest Wii *publishers* out there. The vast majority of their catalogue is developed by wholly independent studios.

Wayforward made BnB, Budcat Creations made Blast Works (which is fantastic), Frozen North Productions is making Flip's, and Generic-Videogame #52 -- er, I mean 'Swords', is being made by Panic Button.

lil boy blue2984d ago

they made a few good games.