Strategy Informer Warhammer 40.000: Dark Millenium Online Interview

From "Ever since Relic started up the Dawn of War franchise, THQ have been the true champions of Games Workshops's sci-fi IP. Seven years down the line and now THQ are brining out a slew of new titles using this property, one of which is the 40K MMO, now known as Dark Millennium Online. Being developed by Vigil Games, this title is slated to include all of the knowledge gleaned from the company's Darksiders title, as well as many of the staff's MMO background as Ex-NCSoft."

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yog-sothot3005d ago

races are divided in two factions ?

come on, in W40K, it's everyone against everyone ! I'm afraid this MMO might end up being another re-skinned World of Warcraft :-(

I'm much more excited about space marine and the next add-on of Dawn of War 2

ToXic_SmG3005d ago

Looks like any over MMO, no different.

As a past collector of 40k im always hoping for a new kind of warhammer game like a third person shooter or rpg were you rise through the ranks of Fire Warrior of Space Marine, one can only Dreammmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Kingdom Come3004d ago

It's a remodelling of the MMO in my opinion. The shooting plays like a shooter, the vehicles look fierce and fun to drive and have variety (Bike, Car, Mechs, Helicopters), the epic scale (Huge Towering Mechs). Damn, this is going to be fun.