The only 5 games that ever turned me on

In games PLAY's Gavin Mackenzie doesn’t get horny that easily at all. But in his entire gaming lifetime, five games have made him feel kinda funny, like when he used to climb the rope in gym class. Here they are…

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Wizziokid5051d ago

Turned on by a game? you need to get out more :/

ThanatosDMC5051d ago

Agreed. This is like that news in which a guy marries his DS game.

frjoethesecond5051d ago (Edited 5051d ago )

Your a bit of a judgemental person. A hypocritical statement I know.

Leio5051d ago


I´m a male and got turned on when i see half naked girls is that wrong Dr ?

SeanRL5051d ago

You're right, if something closely resembles a woman's image it can easily turn a man on when shown the right way. Plus, the acting in video games is better than the acting in porn so it tends to be more believable lol.

tigerstyle5051d ago

on topic.

The only "female gaming character" which seemed very attractive to me was Chloe from Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2... what a piece of work. =)

etownone5051d ago

of course ...

how can we have any gaming article without mentioning Uncharted

(typical sonykids)

MRMagoo1235051d ago

of course...

a retard saying something retarded

(typical 360 fanboy)

tigerstyle5051d ago

of course ...

how can we have any gaming article without [a 360 fangirl butthurt about Mass Effect]

(butthurts that way) ====>>>>


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FreddySavage5051d ago

i never really been turned on by a game...

however...those DOA girls are very attractive lol...

HeroXIV5051d ago (Edited 5051d ago )

I've only ever been turned on by GT5.

Convas5051d ago

I've only ever been turned on by a woman. Perhaps there's something wrong with me ...

ThanatosDMC5051d ago

That's what mufflers are made for... errr... car porn!

OGharryjoysticks5051d ago

Naomi in MGS4 was really well done

GusBricker5051d ago

But ask me again after I watch my wife play Dance Central.

Acquiescence5051d ago

Aye, she's good. But not at Dance Central.