Monster Hunter 3's Play-Time Data

CoffeewithGames shows the updated data for Monster Hunter 3, and how much it has increased since 3 weeks ago.

CwG says in one section, "Monster Hunter 3's average hours, "per person", has increased by 5 Hours 19 Minutes, since the data reported 3 weeks ago."

CwG shows the "total" game-play hours, number of players, as well as the review score average and sales rank for Monster Hunter 3.

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Myst2984d ago

Time for me to ask the submitter [forgot his name on here], but what HR are you now :P?

CoffeewithChess2984d ago

I am ashamed to be still only 15(or 16)!

College started back on Monday for me, and I'm trying to get into a good "routine" with school/work/gaming/blogging now.

I can't wait to get back to hunting though, and see the rest of the monsters!

What HR are you?

Myst2984d ago

Ah wow didn't know school had started for you, but that most certainly explains it. Starts this coming Monday for me and I got to HR 80 before I stopped playing Religiously.

@Redempteur - HR = Hunter Rank.