Heroes on the Move: New Trailer & Two Challenges Debut at gamescom

PSBlog: When SCEA and Nihilistic started development on Heroes on the Move we began with the question “what would happen if Ratchet, Clank, Sly, and Jak all showed up in the same game?” We’ve been working with the SCEA producers who helped bring you the original franchises to answer that question, and we’re happy to show you some of what we’ve been working on.

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TheLastGuardian4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

I'll wait for reviews come in before getting it though. I hope each character plays like they do in their own games.

ScorpianusNoir4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

If each of them have their own story that ends up converging into one massive story. Each of them using their own unique abilities to complete the mission. Yep could be fun.


Go! Gaming Giant: PlayStation Move Heroes Review

From the review:

"Picture it: after countless defeats, the hilariously loathsome Dr. Nefarious embarks on another quest for universal domination. Due to an unforeseen event, something goes awry and his latest gadgematronic-doohickey implodes, causing a rift in the time-space continuum. In what looks like a scene straight out of Sliders, Ratchet, Jak, Sly, and their respective sidekicks are sucked into a wormhole and dropped into an alternate universe full of deadly, destructive beings that have named Nefarious as their god. Now Sony’s good ol’ boys must work together in an epic adventure full of laughter, love, tears, and mass destruction from whence one of them may never return. At least…this is what I imagined would happen when playing PlayStation Move Heroes…"

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omicron0094624d ago

I don't think PS has enough popular characters that can carry crappy games like Nintendo does.

RaymondM4621d ago

True, they just dont have the mascots that Nintendo has.


Gameinformer | PlayStation Move Heroes Review

When Sony first announced that it was combining three iconic franchises – Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, and Sly Cooper – into a single game, fans got understandably excited. Seeing beloved video game heroes interact with one another in a mash-up is inherently entertaining, and extending characters beyond their traditional settings offers boundless creative options for the storytellers. But instead of capitalizing on these classic characters in a story-based mega-adventure, Heroes gives players a collection of repetitive, motion-based gaming events stitched together with the weakest of plots.

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PlayStation 3 Exclusive Heroes On The Move Releases Tommorow

GameBlurb writes, "While all of you are fighting over which version of Crysis 2 looks best, lets not forget that there’s a sweet PlayStation 3 exclusive just around the corner."

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junk3d4634d ago

Crysis 2 is gonna rip it apart...sucks cause it looks like it might be a good game.

liquidxtension4634d ago

Go ahead call me lame...but I'm getting this game instead

sikbeta4634d ago

I'm with you, I'll totally buy this game XD

tony67674634d ago

bro same thing , getting this instead of crysh*t

ksense4634d ago

yea this game is targeted towards the people that are interested in crysis 2....

VenomProject4634d ago

Crysis 2 can suck it after that horrid demo on the PS3.

I'm getting this instead.

jaidek4634d ago

Three of my favorite franchises in one game. Sign me up.

Outlaw19864634d ago

I eon it for free from that subway fresh buzz thing. But im thinking of returning it at walmart to get full price back for the game. Will that work?

Rynx4634d ago

I doubt it. I'm pretty sure the box art will say "Not for Resale"

Everywhere I go I see people winning games of that subway contest and the best I got was a stupid theme!

TheLastGuardian4634d ago (Edited 4634d ago )

Man, I refeshed Subway's twitter page like 1000 times last week trying to win that damn game. I clicked 2 minutes after they tweeted the url and they said the prizes were all gone. Why do I even bother?

Nate-Dog4634d ago

Not to be a jackass and this might sound stupid but why would you enter a competition to win something that you don't even want? If you didn't want it you should have just left it to other people to win who really wanted the game.

cooperdnizzle4634d ago

Yep it will work, they send out the full retail version of the game, the only thing is that when ya turn it in they will only give you a walmart gift card because you won't have the recite! I have done this before i won two of the LBP2 give away and sold one of them! Not to mention i won the move bundle pack of heroes on the move. I should have it with in the next few hours !

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TheLastGuardian4634d ago (Edited 4634d ago )

I'm a fan of Sly, Ratchet and Jak but I'm not that excited about PS Move Heroes because it's just mini games and there's no platforming. If it was a motion controlled platformer, I'd buy it day 1. I may buy it when it gets really cheap. I'd buy this over Crysis 2 any day. I'm starting to get sick of FPS games.

Tommykrem4634d ago

Same stance here.
I really want this to be very good, but according to demo and reviews it's an okay mini game compilation, and with all the games coming out I think I'll pass at first.

ElementX4634d ago

I didn't know this game was a collection of minigames. no wonder this game got 60s on metacritic scores

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