PlayStation Move Heroes Official Screenshots Revealed

Following the fresh batch of screenshots for the highly-anticipated PlayStation Move Heroes (formally known as Heroes on the Move) last month, another selection of official screenshots has landed at Electronic Theatre. Though no official release date has yet been revealed for the PlayStation 3 exclusive title, PlayStation Move Heroes is currently expected to arrive late in 2011.

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callahan093700d ago

What was the original title? Heroes on the Move? That was a much better name for it. PlayStation Move Heroes makes it sound like a cheap pack-in.

mjolliffe3700d ago

I think they did it to avoid confusion as to what platform the game was on...

TheLastGuardian3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

It has Ratchet,Clank,Sly,Bentley,Jak and Daxter in it. How could you not know it's a PS3 exclusive.When it's released, the case will say PS3 on the top.

Axecution3700d ago

That was the joke. xD lol. (facepalm) >.>

badz1493700d ago

that the original name was so much better and catchy! "cheap" is the only word that can describe this new name! I'm buying the game regardless but the name...urgh!

Eric Barrier3700d ago

Wow, the graphics have made a nice upgrade since last time I saw it. Would love to see some gameplay though, I am not expecting much from this game but would love to see it be good. I have always wanted a Jak/Ratchet crossover (not exactly in this fashion though but whatever) and Sly is a definite plus.

Ravage273700d ago

gfx looks really sharp now

-Judge_Fudge3700d ago

nice but can sony start working on a new jak game or something this is good and all but not wat fans wanted

TheLastGuardian3700d ago

I can't wait for this game. I love all of those characters, I love platforming and I love the move. Win Win Win baby!