The potential of Microsoft

Some thoughts about why the "Kinect" is important, despite all the negative writings about it.

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Mista T3034d ago

I honestly think MS made Kinect for the money. they didn't care that kinect uses old tech from 5 years ago and they're implementing it once again and yet they put a huge price tag on it. they obviously want the casual market that the wii currently has and MS wants too woo and awe people with the gimmick that is kinect even though the software will be underwhelming.

Dance3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

all companies are in it for the money

TheTeam063034d ago

What are you in it for?

Mista T3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

well of course all companies are in it for the money, but this product isn't even good but MS is calling it the 2nd coming

0mega43034d ago

but unless kinect is profitable it will get dropped like the microsoft kin

all they care about right now is trying to get a piece of the casual pie

but they need to return to there core audience

and secure some exclusives and third party development studios

aceofspades3034d ago

TRUE, but i can name one out of the "big 3" that actually has a passion for making videogames, and has an abundance of first party studios, sony :)

Boy30003034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

"but unless kinect is profitable it will get dropped like the microsoft kin"

Trust me, if the PS3 was still doing as bad as it was at launch Sony would not have the choice but to drop it, just like Sega and the Dreamcast. Luckily for them things have lightened up considerably.

Believe it or not, everything Sony does is for the money. Not because they're kind and love you. Its for the money that they put Bluray in the PS3 though they were aware it was a risk, its for the money too that they're making move: it appeals to the casual and the hardcore. Its for the money that they build up a big 1st party team. I can go on forever...

Once there is no more money to be made in this industry they will exit it as fast as they can. People have families to feed man...not anonymous gamers to please.

pustulio3034d ago

I think MS did wrong in just focusing on the Casual pie and leaving the core with almost nothing, on the other hand Sony did the same thing EXCEPT they didn't left their core audience with 2 games.

And to be honest i don't see any potential in Kinect.

candystop3034d ago

"but this product isn't even good but MS is calling it the 2nd coming"

Says who? It hasn't even released yet or had a chance to prove it yet so you spread fud? gtfo

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BldyShdw3034d ago

It's a bit different...

Microsoft=Only cares about the money
Sony & Nintendo=Cares about the money and the games they make.

Capdastaro3034d ago

Every company wants their fingers in every market they can make money off.

A good successful example is Sony

They make TVs, radios,Blu-Ray players, laptops, cameras, phones, MP3 players, consoles, storage devices, e-book readers.

Anything they know they have a potential to make money off its worth a shot. Sometimes it doesn't pay off like Betamax although technically it was the superior tape it still lost out to VHS, but that's a risk you have to take in the business of money.

DuneBuggy3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Betamax was superior to VHS, but Sony wouldnt allow other manufactuers to make machines that played them. So everyone else said "F.U. we will just make VHS machines". By the time Sony allowed other manufactuers to make Beta machines, the damage was done.
I noticed that BluRay players by companies other than Sony popped up rather quickly.....

Sony learned from the Betamax, but they are not perfect. I'm still in awe that the company who brought us the first mainstream "personal music devices" (Walkman) allowed Apple to capitalize on the Ipod first.
So has MS had some bumps in the road? Thats a understatement, but so has Sony.

Bigpappy3034d ago

is when they write they seem to imply that they know how everyone else feels about the topic. This guy trys to adjust his stance at the end. The truth is, there are many hardcore gamers that will pickup Halo and Kinect in the following months. Because people aren't on the internect having fanboy fights, don't mean that they are not core gamers. The casuals are enough to carry Kinect, but there will be many core gamers buying at launch.

ActionBastard3034d ago

And there will be many core gamers not buying it. It's an endless pissing match. Besides the "I'm new!" aspect of Kinect, it needs a software library to sustain interest. Unless there are those that want $150 remote for the 360 GUI. The software is key and right now the software is lacking. Even upcoming implementations don't seem particularly new or groundbreaking (Harry Potter and the leaked Ubi fighter are examples).

JAMurida3034d ago

It's like I said before, MS needs to focus on getting their first party house back together. Kinect will not be fully utilized by thrid party companies. Why do you think almost every upcoming exclusive first party PS3 game has Move/3D support in them? Third party exclusives are becoming a thing of the past, despite some still happening today.

I also personally think MS messed up on pretty much forgetting the hardcore and moving straight to the casual, (as they clearly showed at E3 this year). IMO, them doing that basically says to me, "We don't care about the gaming experience, we just want to be where the money is." Yes, Halo: Reach and Gears 3 will be nice, but what will come after that??? Not to mention, losing Portal 2 and Mass Effect 2 being even more big blows to them. Almost everything has shifted to Sony's favor, and the main reason all rides on ***first party companies***. And that's why I feel Sony, in the next generation and now, will have a firm stance, mainly due to them having the first party people to "fully" back up their stuff.

I'm not saying MS is out of the game yet, but they need to do something now and fast. Build your first party up, "FIX" the RRoD already, make some new IP's, loosen up on XBL's policy and they'll be good to go. IMO, they really can't keep riding Halo to save them again and again.

bviperz3034d ago

Potential always has to do with the games not the hardware. Right now, Microsoft's potential is weak.

Makidian3034d ago

Both companies care about the money , though Microsoft probably a little bit more than Sony, but I feel like Sony is equally interested in moving technology forward and into the future as they are about money. Granted successful technologies make them a lot of money but they have helped considerably advance videogame technology over the last 15 years. Microsoft revolutionised online gaming and Nintendo has brought gaming back to the masses. Each of the have their roles to play and in turn get to make a lot of money.

More on topic though, I hope Microsoft sticks it out with Kinect even if it is an utter failure much like Sony has still advanced the tech in the Eyetoy despite lackluster sales. I would eventaully like to see it advance to the point that it is integrated into television sets to completely eliminate the need for remote controls, except for maybe your cable/satellite box. Sony would obviously integrate the tech into Bravia sets at some point and license to others while Microsoft could license as well. Microsoft could very well be using Kinect as an 'in' for getting licensed technology into the television business which would be big money all by itself.

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