Bubble Update

We have made some adjustments to the bubble system based on the data we have collected since we launched the new N4G. We have reduced the voting power from users with normal and low trust rank and increased the voting power from users with high trust rank.

More info at the blog post.

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rroded2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

more like high popularity rank

tho cheers for the update glad ta see your still working on improving teh site.

edit "You cannot see your own trust rank and a low trust rank will not prevent you from using the site"
so if the mods/admin like ya expect ta b a bub master? n will high trust make it so u can close comments by callin em spam or whatever? Just hope ya dont play favs n keep it honest dusty...

GWAVE2980d ago

Nothing will change. It means 1 and 2 bubble users will stay that way, and 3+ bubble users will stay that way.

Yeah, that totally makes sense, because people totally DON'T bubble down simply by looking at your username. /s

Winter47th2980d ago

Glad to see the site's moving forward.

pork_chop_express2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

does that mean bubbling actually works now!?

The only bubble addition removal since the update has been done by moderators, if you dont get on with them personally you end up being persecuted.

It used to be a democracy.

<if u agree test it with GWAVE^ bubble him up>

sunnygrg2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

This is a nice change but what about the stupid hate articles posted everyday on N4G. Are the mods going to step in in a swift manner and take it down before people give the site any more hits? What about news and videos that are obviously fake and slowed down to the fanboys' liking?

N4G is a big website and the staffs need to step it up and keep pace.

R2D22979d ago Show
bioshock12212979d ago

@GWAVE well maybe if you made more intelligent comments you would be one of those 3 plus bubble users. Instead of all those fanboy comments you make on what seems every Xbox 360 article and what you say is not true I had 2 bubbles and now have 5. It's okay to have a different opinion but at least make sure it's intelligent and not some dumb fanboy comment.

TheTeam062979d ago

It's not always that simple. Many people around here know how to read posts on here that don't mean any harm at all and turn it into a bubble-popping parade.

Here, you have to speak your mind in the most non-emotional way possible. For example, if I had a really strong dislike for BioShock 2, the result could go good or sour. It depends on how many BioShock 2 supporters are in that thread at the time.

Why o why2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

If you have a disagreement with somebody like 'Odion' He might just ask his mod mates to do him a favour...Its not impossible is it. Most of the mods seem to have a pc/360 preference. No transparency means you have to be careful who you have a disagreement with because of their 'weighing' seems like metacritic to me. Mods should be made visible. Also replies to 'tickets' should be better than any lazy BS circular reasoning...IE 'don't troll and you won't have comments marked as trolling'...what type of crap is that??? Dont make jokes that might offend the sensitive because they will mark it as trolling when really its just that their feelings/ego got hurt.

poindat2979d ago

I don't like it coming down to mods having larger authority over our bubbles. I mean, let's look at it: most people complain of the rampant fanboyism on this site, and that in a large way has contributed to needing this rehaul of the bubble system. However, the problem is a lot deeper than just the end users; many mods, of whom I will not name names, DO have a visible and strong inclination to one side of the fence or another and a couple are outright fanboys.

I know it sounds like I'm being one of those people who yell 'fanboy!!!" at every little thing, but honestly, if you watch the moderators you will soon see patterns emerging and that it is more or less true.

We, the end users, need to be moderating the moderators for fairness, or nothing will ever have a chance to change. (Or it would have been a lot easier if better and stricter choices were made on who is promoted to moderator and who isn't, but that obviously hasn't and won't happen)

SilentNegotiator2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Well, I'm satisfied, I suppose. MOST of the logic-less trolls are down to one and everyone else higher.

I'd still like to see the open zone return so trolls can be banished to it and I'd like to see one-bubblers have their comments "hidden" like they were long ago.

Why o why2979d ago

I had 5 bubbles just like everybody else who had a reset now my one comment has resulted in a bubble loss. So one honest comment that upsets a mod results in a bubble loss...*golf clap* cheers for proving my point ¬_¬

pustulio2979d ago

I just have to say thanks for the bubbles guys.

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Max Power2980d ago

I think it is a step in the right direction, but only time will tell how well it works.

MiloGarret2980d ago

What's this trust rank you speak of?

AndrewRyan2980d ago

The more bubbles, the more trust you have. Atleast that is what I believe.

ChozenWoan2979d ago

I think it's based on your CRank which can be found on your profile page.

MicroSony4Life2979d ago

have all the high trust rank. Its a fact that if you want bubbles all you have to say is TEH PS3 IS THE BEST.

gamesR4fun2979d ago

how much weight your approves cary if your at 1 prob normal or low if its 2 or more its a high trust rate or so im guessing
tho i used ta have 9 bubs n 2 points for an approve i now only have 5bubs n one approve. guess they dont trust me anymore... :(

JD_Shadow2979d ago

C'mon, let's not start stuff like that. It's highly unnecessary. That's really a FORM of trolling: making PS3 fanboys angry that you generalize the site as a PS3 fanboy haven to get a reaction from those that say things different, and then you can take their bubbles for something that you are guilty of to start it.

Seriously, it's things like that that are part of the PROBLEM, and what we're trying to avoid.

2979d ago
2979d ago
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Ocelot5252980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

the only thing I want is that a reply is mandatory when you disagree. This will improve the quality of comments dramatically. Now people are disagreeing about things they don't know anything about.

Last time I got 4 disagrees when I stated that oblivion PS3 installs when playing. THIS IS A FACT, I HAVE OBLIVION ON THE PS3.

In the court system, the quality of the sentences improved when the jury had to give arguments. Dunno how courts work in the USA, but in europe the jury has to do that now.

MiloGarret2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

"in europe the jury has to do that now"

Jesus Christ, specify, don't generalize like that, there's no common judicial system for all matters in place in Europe.

Just saying.

Ocelot5252980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

It's a EU law, it was on the news some 5 months ago.

and FYI I'm belgian, i live 100 kms from the EU parlement, I know my shit about the EU

steve30x2980d ago

I agree. I am after getting disagreed with when there is nothing to disagree with so I would love if it was mandatory to leave at least five words for the reason to disagree otherwise its not possible to disagree. Making it so that its only one , two or three words for the disagree wouldnt work because people would leave something stupid as a comment.

Whoooop2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Problem is that trolls will just write a period (.) or something and hit disagree.

So I think agress/disagrees with mandatory reply is not worth the hassle.

ChozenWoan2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Explanations are usually non essential as the other person is usually responding to the whole or the major point of your comment. Having to respond to each agree/disagree would simply eat up everyone's bubbles and result in more problems as people would demand more bubbles.

The agree/disagree comments are one of my favorite things about N4G. It allows the community to express itself quickly to a comment without having to fill out a bunch of formal replies.

Besides, agrees/disagrees have no bearing on the bubble system and is the simplest whys for people to say "hey I agree with what you said" or vise versa.

Ohh and there are a few "Disagree Fairies" who do so just to see you get all worked up. They are cheap thrill seekers who are lower than trolls, so please don't feed them. Feeding them makes them grow up into trolls, kinda like feeding Gizmo after midnight.

and thus I'm out of bubbles, first time I've used more than 3 in a looooong time.

Ocelot5252979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

we will report the comments with . as spam, or more likey: trolling.

the staff can ban these accounts with the help of the sql query I have written some comments below

". comments" can also be deleted program wise:
if comment.text.trim().equals(&am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;quot;.") then
comment.IsSpam = true
end if

now the N4G staff can copypaste it

edit: due to a fault in the programming of N4G(oh the irony lol) I can't write double apostrophe . double apostrophe, it is replaced by the code of the apostrophe XML entity

don't forget about my application N4G ;)

MiloGarret2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Living close means nothing. Inform yourself, trust me, I know more about these things than you do.

There are certain procedural rules applicable to all EU Member States, but what you mention does not form part of that framework. It should be quite obvious concidering the vast amount of different courts present within the Member States that no general all-encompassing rule is applicable concerning these matters.

Ah, why bother? You're probably just some kid from Belgium who doesn't understand the first thing about how courts actually work...

CoxMulder2979d ago

I hate to say this, but Milo Garret is right.. ;)

SmokeyMcBear2979d ago

you guys actually care whether a person agrees or disagrees with you... too funny

JD_Shadow2979d ago

It's annoying to have so many people agreeing on something that's obviously a troll comment, or disagree with something that's been proven fact which someone would just have to use the Google to find out that it is true.

If we're not supposed to care about the agrees and disagrees that we get, then what's the point of HAVING the system to begin with?

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TheHater2980d ago

I am more concern how they are going to fix all the Flamebait crap that is posted ever hour on this site. Hate to see a website ruin by all this flamebait crap from blogs looking for hits

Ocelot5252980d ago Show
Hellsvacancy2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

I only want 2 bubbles, thats not alot 2-ask 4, i dont think im all that bad when it comes to commentin, sure i can b an ass BUT thats only coz of sum comments/articles i c on N4G, they bring it out of me

Edit, Also, i bring news 2 the table aswell, its not like im a free loader

JUST GIMME 2 and id b happy


writersblock2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

But yeah, I'll give him a bubble
I think everyone should at least have 2 for the sake of discussion. With one you can only post once and then regardless of how people reply or if you have a valid point, you can say nothing back

2, expect no more unless you're making proper points and not fanboy comments

Odion2979d ago

Smokey best response ever!

Why o why2979d ago

Odion, can you please explain just why ive lost a bubble for 1 comment.. Im not saying you're the culprit even though i used you as an example i just want to know...It seems more members agreed than disagreed and my comment, as of now, hasn't been marked as 'trolling' so how can it be gone already *smiley face* ??

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Pennywise2979d ago

Flawed or not, Hopefully everyone on both sides just starts post more productive comments. I'm done with flaming the trolls. I will utilize my ignore list and not ever click SHOW MESSAGE!!! haha

n4gno2979d ago

People simply answering with facts to the biggest trolls are also with 1 bubble, because the xfanboyz are clicking on disagree and bubble down, no matter you are saying, the same way they don't want real articles to get approved (and the opposite for stupid ones from ridiculous fanboyz blogs, if they are bashing sony, games, etc).

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Dorwrath2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I don't see it changing much, maybe, we can hope.

Steve_Urkel2980d ago

So many bubbles, its hard to believe I'm really on N4G.

Did I dooo that?

Omega Zues2980d ago

oh man that had me rolling.

whothedog2980d ago

DIE TROLLS! Mwahahahahahaha

morventhus2979d ago

i agree death to trolls!!! however id laugh if you were a troll and you said that XD