Gamescom 2010: No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise PS3 Screens

NowGamer reports from Cologne the first batch of No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise screens on PS3 have been revealed.

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Cajun Chicken3007d ago

Seriously. The hi-def graphics look great. It's going to be a whole new experience playing this again but on PS3.

-GoldenTimeLover-3006d ago

Agreed. I played and finished this on the Wii like three or four times now, and gonna buy it again for the PS3. Hopefully the sequel will follow.

CrazyForGames3006d ago

its the same game everything except the graphics is 100% just like the wii version
is that what passes off as a new experience better graphics?

darkdoom30003006d ago

I heard it's a remake of the first NHM. Not sure what Its ment to mean.

KiRBY30003006d ago

i hope they keep the bonus 'Very Sweet' mode from the Japanese PS3 Version.
unlocks special outfits for the girls when you finish the game or something. :P


Ascalon943006d ago

are you from Louisiana?

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asgharagha3006d ago

have they improved graphics or its just hd version of the wii game?

3006d ago
PirosThe4th3006d ago

The graphics are highly improved. If you see it running on Dolphin on PC (720p) take a screen-shot on HD and compare to the Ps3 version. The textures are really good on the ps3 and it does keep the same style from the Wii version. It looks better overall.

YoungKingDoran3006d ago

like the other dude said, the textures are way better, some of the effects are alot nicer, and lighting os improved (the katana will slightly light up surfaces its near. my only problem (they could change this before english release) is before you do the finishing slash, and pushing the right stick in the direction, youve got to hit r3, and its kind of annoying lol. oh and load times are a joke.

Ascalon943006d ago

when is this coming out?