CryEngine 3: New Video - This is the Editor

Crytek shows its CryEngine 3 to the public and a video explains how the editor works. Check the link for the video.

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DoomeDx2982d ago

Great stuff!
loved the editor in Cryengine 2!

worked alot with it!

(watching now!)

R2D22982d ago

Looks at PS3 and 360 and hangs head in shame.

PC gamers FTW.

DoomeDx2982d ago

All 4 gaming platforms are great..

PC, xbox360, PS3, for casuals, even the Wii.

Stop the fanboyism!

East_Coast2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Fire scene reminded me of UC2 Ch 4 Dig site.

East_Coast2981d ago

So I get two disagrees because I said it reminded me of UC2? Did I say it was better? Retarded. lol

Letros2982d ago

Oh man I can't wait to mess with this.

zero_cool2982d ago

PC gamers down playing consoles & flooding this place once again...good grief!

Nihilism2981d ago

I hardly think pointing out a PC feature not on console is 'downplaying' consoles. It's more like pointing out the strengths of PC and the shortfalls of consoles . Dissing a console feature would be downplaying them. But no one pointed out all the innovative features of consoles such no it's all been done on PC before.

waterboy2981d ago

or how bout singstar or how bout move or how bout yeah the list goes on and on, also shortfalls of consoles? there is no shortfall just the crytek development time length advantage over ps3 or 360 for the 8 years crytek has worked with pc it should have a better looking version especially how easy it is for to develop for pc

Nihilism2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Singstar is not a console feature,it is a game...and it owes it's existence to the low age of console users and casual nature of console's.

Conversely. How many flight simulators have you played on consoles?

Online gaming, multiplayer, voice recognition, motion control...all on PC first. You will also find most genre's of games are also created on PC before they are desecrated though oversimplification for console conversion.

snaileri2981d ago

Do some research before posting such thing, you just showed your stupidity.
PC have had 3D since the late 90's. Try Googling companies like 'eDimensional' or 'IZ3D'. Yup, the technology is exactly the same as what consoles use.
PC also have had motion controlling for quite a long time. Google 'TrackIR'.

dirthurts2981d ago

Or is this a developer only thing...?

Nihilism2981d ago

They owe us for the lack of one in hopefully it will be included. Fingers crossed for an official benchmark tool as well. But the engine supports timedemo recording so a custom one will pop up in a few weeks anyway.

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