Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 - Impressive Gamescom Footage

A new video shows impressive Star Wars: The Force Unleashed gameplay footage.

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rajman2985d ago

Can somone not post links from that German website, they always embed Youtube videos in a way so we cant click on it to go to the actual Youtube video page where we can select better quality or make the screen bigger.

AllroundGamer2985d ago

yeah it's getting really on my nerves too...

Longsama2985d ago

nice vid definitely a step up from the last game

rhood0222985d ago

Honestly no reason to include 2 lightsabers in the game.

RedDead2985d ago

I's just cooler and it means its force unleashed "TWO" no reason other than that though, it won't make adifferance to the game play.

Also is there any reason this footage is impressive?

dirthurts2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

In my opinion a single light saber was cooler. 2 just seems kiddy.
If only they would give us the option of one or two.

Syaz12985d ago

it looks very good, however, i would wait for the reviews for me to judge it myself. i expected kane and lynch 2 to be an improvement over the first, but sadly io interactive dissapointed. they seem to be one of those developers going down the toilet when this generation started, alongside monolith.

lastdual2985d ago

Same here. The game has a lot of potential, but so did the first. I don't want to spend my time leveling up a bunch of force powers that all the later enemies are just immune to anyways. Will wait until the reviews start rolling in.

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