Vanquish Hands On Does Not Disappoint

Gamekit:"The stage begins as you charge up some stairs with handful of soldiers at either side. As we near the top 2 grunt units appear, the first victims of our sliding knee attack..."

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Baltis2985d ago

I'm pretty interested in this one. I usually frown upon such generic things as nano armor and space marines-like soldiers fighting for some absurd cause unknown to the common wealth - But this game looks damn fine. Slick. Stylish and fluid. It just looks like a good, FUN, game. There aren't many of those around these days. Most games have become slow to progress - peak and then drop off. Too much like film. Games should be about fun 1st and everything else second. Vanquish looks to do just that.

deadreckoning6662985d ago

It looks amazing. But im still trying to determine if its 60 bux worth of fun.

Lovable2985d ago

Same Dead. Considering my friend will 100% buy the game, I'll just borrow it from him once he's done. ^^

UnSelf2985d ago

Finally something Baltis likes!!!!

*balloons and confetti fall from ceiling*

Duke Spookem2985d ago

I really doubt that balloons would fall down.

Nihilism2985d ago

Balloons filled with air do fall down, because whether they were filled up by compressed air or human lungs, there will either be a dense propellant or moisture from the lungs, which weights more than the air inside the balloon, making it fall down...that and the weight of the balloon.

ChronoJoe2985d ago

But I still disagreed with him. If he's saying this is awesome, there must be something wrong with it I'm not seeing.

blib2985d ago

Seven people disagree that games should first and foremost be fun. No wonder I have to wade through a sea of mediocrity to find a gem. Good times for crappy IPs, not so great for me. Looking forward to Vanquish! Bayonetta, and Borderlands seem oh so long ago. At least this year has had a couple of decent arcade releases in After Burner Climax, and Hydro Thunder Hurricane.

Ryo-Hazuki2985d ago

Vanquish has been my most anticipated game this year...the game just grabs me. I hope there's alot of unlockables, new game+, etc. Also cant wait for Castlevania

2985d ago
-Judge_Fudge2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Looks delicious

despair2985d ago

actually getting interested in this now, still not excited about the english voice acting though, sounds really bad.

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