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Joystiq: "In fact, my short session with The Fight felt a lot like the future we were promised when the Wii remote was first introduced years ago -- a new way of playing where the game actually senses your movements, rather then just sensing any old controller movement. I have no idea if the final game will have enough depth to stand up to repeated play, but the sheer "gee whiz" impact of that first play session is going to stay with me for quite a while."

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Faztkiller3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Good to hear the game is improving

TotalPS3Fanboy3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

"We’ve got millimeter detections. Now, if you even turn your hands it’s going to pick it up. And we’ve got it to the point that, depending on how good a puncher you are, it determines how much damage you’re going to do. If you just hold your hands straight and just throw them forward, you’re really not going to do much damage. As soon as someone throws a proper punch, however …"

That's great to hear. The developers have taken the feedback and ditch the pre-canned animations. The Fight is now 1:1 motions.

That means it's more responsive and more intuitive.

Pre-canned: The game define certain moves that you must mimic correctly. The game execute that moves once you execute the move correctly. There can be a confusion when your move does not match the pre-defined game moves.

1 to 1: The game does not define any moves. You're free to fight however you want, free to move your arms around however you want. The game copies your movement 1 to 1. It calculates the amount of force and damage from your movement. So if you're just flapping your arms around, it's not going to do much damage. However, if you do a real punch, it will do the right amount of damage.

Characters are also customizable now.

The Move is turning out to be a great game because they took the feedback and make it better. This and Sorcery are the ones to buy.


"So, we calibrate between every fight – your character’s arms are the same length as your own arms. If you have a long reach you can use it to your advantage. If you have a powerful swing you can use that to your advantage. The technology in Move, there’s a magnetometer and a gyroscope so it detects force as well as where it is in 3D space. If you throw a light punch, the character will throw a light punch. If you throw a heavy punch – and it hits – the enemy is going to know about it."


GuruStarr783035d ago

Looking forward to this one.......I think even if it fails or is just above mediocre, it will lay the groundwork for Fight Night to improve on and be the "true" motion controlled fighting game we've all been hoping for.

tiamat53035d ago

Wow. And this is only 60% finished. I hope they give me a lot of a fighters and throw in a few bad girls into the mix. I will definitely have seriously consider adding 'the Fight'on to my 'must have Move game' list instead of my 'mabye it will be good list'.Can't wait to see the final results.

Pennywise3035d ago

These move titles need to be online. Why are we not hearing about this? I heard Sports Champions has no online multiplayer which sucks. This game better have it!

Christopher3035d ago

I thought Sports Champions had online multiplayer for the table tennis portion?

TheTeam063035d ago

The Fight has online multiplayer.

guitarded773035d ago

I agree... the only PS Move required titles with confirmed online are The Fight and Brunswick Bowling. The Sony site shows Sports Champions as not having online multiplayer, which sucks as it will be the first game most people are getting. Sony should implement online for SC and some of the more casual titles.

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Jeff2573035d ago

Glad to hear it is more responsive. I remember reading the earlier hands on time mentioned in the article and was a little disappointed. But now after reading this I definitely plan on giving it a fair shot.

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