New Screens: Lego Universe

Ex: Lego Universe, the full-featured MMOG, will be complete with character advancement, expansive social and community features, and will provide a child-safe alternative to other MMOGs on the market. As a player, you'll be able to customize your mini-figs and interact in the universe as any character you choose, providing unique opportunities for players to expand and explore with their creations.

Lego Universe is heading to a PC near you very soon, and Lego has just revealed some awesome screens at Gamescom 2010!

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Queasy2981d ago

The funny part is, this monthly subscription game is probably cheaper than actual LEGOs in the long run. ;)

CrAppleton2981d ago

The more I see of it, the cooler it looks.. who needs WOW anyway right? right?? haha.. alright.. maybe not.. but it still looks pretty good