Sony Delivering More Content To The PlayStation 3

Sony have announced that the PlayStation 3 is about to get a lot more streaming content, starting with the record label EMI joining the VidZone, and Yahoo!7 partnering up for TV on demand with PLUS7

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Newtype3010d ago

wow, more uses for the PS3. BUT, I still have a media server PC along with a gaming PC.

Domer253010d ago

Australia is europe now? I better go back to school. Either way keep showing us the love Sony.--------

Godmars2903010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Back off man - I'm American :p

Yeah, was really hoping something would happen with GoogleTV and Droid Apps.

N2G3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Ps3 is gonna explode if Sony doesn't slow down so is me. LoL

PS3-2473010d ago

It only does everything

DlocDaBudSmoka3010d ago

we dont ever get anything sweet like this. the hell with payin subscriptions for these services, i want the free vidzone and plus7 stuff. guess its time to move to austrailia

Prcko3010d ago

this is rly 2 much,i don't know what to buy now.
when i find out that new ratchet and resistance coming i rly don't know what to buy lol!