New BioShock Infinite screenshots

2K games released three new screenshots of BioShock Infinite.

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belowradar3104d ago

3 new screenshots is news worthy?

Mista T3104d ago

for a new Bioshock in a new setting, yes completely news worthy

belowradar3104d ago

Don't get me wrong. I'm stoked for the new Bioshock game but 3 new images just aren't that news worthy. The trailer and the announcement; totally news worthy. This on the other hand isn't imo.

ExplosionSauce3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

How to make a new BioShock:
-Scrap the underwater theme that made the original game so special and take it to the skies.
Now it looks like Metropolis from Ratchet&Clank.

Let's hope they poor some genius into this one.

BannedForNineYears3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Meh, 3 Bioshock screenshots > 6 Crysis 2 screenshots. ~_~
But for the record, it's 2 screenshots.
1 screenshot was just from the trailer thing.

adlt3104d ago

and we don't really know much about it. For me any bit of info is interesting as of now.

kaos_fish II3104d ago

I really don't care at the moment - this isn't even getting released until 2012. So, why should we care..? this game could get pushed back to 2013 for all we know. It's like last week all the websites went nuts over 'Rage' - which isn't coming out for another year. What's the point?

CrzyFooL3104d ago

Not gonna lie, the visuals are impressive to say the least.

Honest_gamer3104d ago

for this game to bad it wont be out till 2012 i heard

Picnic3104d ago

The first of the new pictures seems selected to beg the question as to whether that is Bioshock Infinite's alternative to a Little Sister. I love the screenshots (especially the detail and lighting on the last one) and the concept intrigues me. It's a bit like an even more elegant Rapture. Wicky wicky Wild Wild West!

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