F1 2010: Impressive Gamescom Screenshots

Codemasters released impressive Gamescom screenshots for F1 2010.

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Hacker3105d ago

wow i didn't know my xbox360 was capable to pull of such visuals as F1 2010. The graphics are as close to real life u will be hard to tell the difference. GT5 no thanks i've made my mind up what game i'm looking forward too lol.

SasanovaS19873105d ago

hahahaha wow what a loser hahaha daaaam must suck to be you

Domer253105d ago

Yeah looks like the same bullshots from Operation Flashpoint DR. Ummm, no thanks. GT5, on the other hand is "realshots".

Jake3603105d ago

They both look really good in my opinion, especially the rain in F1 2010, but... When you're stuggling to tell the difference between real life and in game footage, as is the case with GT 5, you can hardly say it looks worse than F1 2010.

claterz3105d ago

Why would you choose an F1 game over a racing sim just because of its graphics? you're really stupid, and I think the main reason you won't be playing GT5 is because you don't even have a PS3.

OT this game is gonna be so awesome, been looking forward to playing it for a while.

Hoje03083105d ago

Keep trying to convince yourself of that, I'll be buying both. However, if I had to choose, I'd have to be a complete retard not to pick up GT5.

On topic: I'll be the guy playing as Schumacher online. Still the greatest of all time!

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ScoobyDrew3105d ago

thats my argument for everything :D

Jake3603105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Yeh, but you don't buy F1 2010 for the cars! You buy it to play a career as an F1 driver, move up the ranks, change teams, official rules etc. F1 2010 also has alot of new features like the press side of things.

Edit: BTW, i wasn't the one to disagree lol. 1000 cars is a strong argument at worst!

SynGamer3105d ago

GT5 will be a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of very few. F1 2010 is going to be THE game to goto if you are an F1 fan. Simple as that.

People also seem to forget that GT5 has been in development for almost 6 years while F1 2010 has been in development for about 2.5 years.

ScoobyDrew3105d ago

yeah i haven't played the f1 series, it looks pretty cool though.

KingPin3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

for me personally, im not a huge fan of F1 anymore, so wont be getting this game. doesn't matter how it looks or what platform its on or which version is the best. i just wont be getting this game because i think F1 lost its status towards the end of this decade. with them shrinking engine sizes, cutting costs within the sport, the rule changes yeah, not for me thanks.

Hoje03083105d ago

Yeah, because F1 would be so much better if only Macca and Ferrari could afford to race. The cost cutting was a good idea, especially in light of the current economy.

N2G3105d ago

i've seen gameplay footage & i'm sorry to say the game looks exactly like GRID but with F1 cars. Sony's 1st party developed F1 game in 2007 remains the undisputed king of F1 games.