Killzone 3: Stunning Mech-Fights in 3D

On the gamescom 2010 Cynamite had the chance to play the new multiplayer of Killzone 3 - in full 3D and with PlayStation Move support. Check out the new impressions on Cynamite.

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DoomeDx3105d ago

KZ3 is looking better & better.

Looks they have fixed all the flaws from KZ2

DoomeDx3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

- Bad controls
- Improved melee system.
- No vehicles (Opinion, i like vehicles)
- Spawn campers
- No co-op

etc etc

KZ2 was great, but it wasnt perfect


Controls we're a hit & miss for some people. For me, it was a miss! Ofcourse this is all a mather of opionion

Melee system was TERRIBLE in KZ2.

Spawn campers was indeed terrible

Co-op, i know not all games need it, but KZ2 would be awesome with it.
KZ3 seems to be THA game for me.

(played killzone 2 for 1.5 years)

( @ Disagree, i lol'd. How can you disagree with FACTS?. )

Kill Crow3105d ago

are you kidding me that some poeplestill deny KZ2 had controller lag issues. If it wasn't a problem they would never have patched it.

I bet KZ3 won't have the same "realism effect" ...

Gamerbee3105d ago

Controls were fine. They just werent COD.
The rest of the points are flaws. & Melee system was fine. better than that bs knife swish in MW2.

ATLGAMER3105d ago

Controls were never bad...just differnt...
Melee system...also differnt ( but 2 differnt so i kinda agree)
Spawn campers...was a problem
Co Op...( not all games need co op)

Gantrfaxx3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Bad controls -a fact?
No vehicles is a flaw -a fact?

DA_SHREDDER3105d ago

Agreed, I think KZ2 was lacking when it came to depth, but this game seems to be covering all the bases that they missed in KZ2. Mech's and vehicles, story driven online, party system, carry more than one weapon, 3-D online, they got rid of the lag in the controls, revamped melee combat, everything is fixed. The most impressive shooter ever developed.

BTW, seen that crysis 2 multiplayer yesterday, and it looked like dog dookie compared to KZ2, let alone this beast of a game.

Quadrostacker3105d ago

I've also played KZ2 but I always felt it lacked depth and variety it looks like GG is listening to its core fans and is adding those missing pieces to KZ3 such as vehicles, weapons, deeper story, Co Op etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

Note: how im writing so many etc. because I really don't know what else GG have in store for me. Tear.

Lf_sIcKmAn3105d ago

The Real Hellghast Killing Simulator...

EVERY PS3 Exclusive should have a title like this!