9.0 reviews Madden NFL 08, score: 9/10

This year all bets are off, it is time for Madden to put up - or shut up.

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Kokoro5777d ago

time EA did th eright thing. Just, dont pull out the online so quickly.

Maddens Raiders5777d ago (Edited 5777d ago )

I see your comment down below MK but only old school players will really know what I mean when I say:

I really miss Madden. o_o

"..I'll tell ya...he'll remember that number..."

MK_Red5777d ago

Wow, Ea really did something with Madden 08. I was expecting another lame yearly update but its getting GOTY reviews for a sports title! 1UP, GT and GameDaily gave it 9/10 and Yahoo Games gave it 10/10!

xg-ei8ht5777d ago

360 version i'm guessing.

LETTER TO E.A: Get ur finger out and use the ps3 will u!!!

MK_Red5777d ago

Will Gamespot and IGN also give it a big 9? Its been a long time since GS & IGN gave an EA Sports title 9.

Lacarious5777d ago

EeeeeeeeeAAaaaa saaaaysssss thheyy iimmmmmppprrrrrrooooooovvvvvve ddddddddd iiiiiittttttttt........ muuuuuuuusssssssssttttttttttt bbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyy mmmmmmaaaaaaddddddeeeeeeeennnn nnn

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