Videogame Roundtable Episode 23: Scott Pilgrim Sucks

Paul S. Nowak is on vacation with his hubby as Jonah Falcon and Jordan Lund bash the craptastic movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and AT&T’s 3G signal.

When not attacking pop culture flops, Jonah and Jordan examine:

* The July 2010 NPD’s which saw the Xbox 360 in first and Starcraft II selling like hotcakes
* The way PlayStation Plus works
* Angry Birds selling like crazy on the iPhone
* Microsoft quietly preparing the Xbox 360 for 3DTV support.

They also look at the bounty of new games coming out this week, including Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days and City of Heroes Going Rogue.

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Chuk53105d ago

Hey look at us we hate a movie and want people to know it.

Invader_Quirk3105d ago

I love how they say "the craptastic movie Scott Pilgrim..." like most of the people who see it don't love it.