Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Uses Kinect

Mucu from GOS writes, "A new Kinect mode has just announced at EA’s Gamescom press conference. In the titles “Challenge” mode you cast your wand just as you would in the movie in order to make your character cast spells."

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THC CELL4553d ago

Reel game, looked a little laggy but good
I thought it was going to be a RPG.

sdtarm4553d ago

how can u call that good??? automatic movement??? laggy and inresponsive, fk them this is an insult, wheres my 360 wanna throw by the windows right now

Cloudberry4553d ago

Shouting "Expelliarmus" & "Avada Kedabra" should be common for this game then as Kinect's got "Voice Recognition", if I'm not mistaken?

Optical_Matrix4553d ago

That demo was laughable. The latency was easily at least 1 second. And the game was on rails too.

Hellsvacancy4553d ago

It did look REALLY laggy, more of Move title

D4RkNIKON4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

You are going to get hate for your comment even tho it's true. Move is more like a wand you can flick. Also the PSeye can do vocal commands too

karl4553d ago

we have sorcery... xbox can keep harry potter and kinect

D4RkNIKON4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

I don't know what the disagrees are about.. Tom Clancy had a multiplat game that used voice commands on both PS3 and 360 so yea.. Also how is Move not like a wand again?

blackpanther254553d ago

they have done so much more with it using the move....I am so tight cause the kinect demo was totally rubbish....i mean one of the twins gave up half-way through cause it wasn't reading his movements.....and the whole rails thing is yuck

i don't remember who but someone on N4G was claiming that most kinect would be rails only and i called bullshit on that comment......but after watching that pile of crap today i fell dumb

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THC CELL4553d ago

Makes a perfect move game?
I should think so

Cloudberry4553d ago

Sorcery & this game should be good for MOVE games.

LordMarius4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

Potter on rails... but this time not on the Hogwarts Express

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The story is too old to be commented.