5 Difficult Final Boss Fights in Video Games

Jennifer Amlie: In video games, the final boss is usually the most difficult fight. It's a great feeling when you've been through a particularly hard boss fight and beat the game. While everyone's opinion differs on what the hardest final boss is, there are ones that stand out in my mind for being challenging. These are my picks for five difficult final boss fights.

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Acquiescence3109d ago

He was a total pain in the arse! I couldn't counter any of his attacks. In the end I had to exploit this little gap inbetween his projectile shots to get a hit in. Took bleeding ages.

Or something.

Nate-Dog3109d ago

I didn't find Sephiroth that hard actually. In fact, I was at a pretty low level in regards to materia and weaponry according to friends and they told me to grind and level up before I even consider going to the final dungeon. But I stumbled upon it accidentaly, and, well I like to keep gameplay and story flowing so for some stupid reason, I fought on. And I was on edge the whoooole time, but somehow, I got to the end and beat Sephiroth there and then too. Thank God for Phoenix, Megalixirs and Ultima.

GodsHand3109d ago

I thought Lavos's from Chrono Trigger was pretty tough to beat.

romalias23109d ago

Lavos is cool and takes forever to beat, but the first time through he's not so hard. It's the new game + feature that makes him insanely difficult. If you challenge him right from the start at the Millenial fair, with only Chrono and Lucca, or Chrono and Marle, It's a very tough battle.

This is the only way to get the speedy credits ending though unfortunately... (Thanks Game Shark) ;)

izuna3109d ago

This list isn't very good:

- Sephiroth; fair enough, but only if you're somewhat under-levelled. You can just come back after several level ups and he can't touch you (not to be taken literally).

- Ganondorf; not only did this article have the wrong name "Ganon", the boss is actually so easy that once you know the mechanic for beating the boss, you shouldn't be getting hit. (The mechanic is practised throughout the entire game).

- Nemesis; being the easiest of the classic Resident Evil bosses, I'm not sure why this one mentioned.

I know it doesn't say most difficult bosses, but surely the writer of this article has played against at least some unfair 8-bit or Arcade bosses.

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