The Most Impressive Move Demo

Mucu from GOS writes, "In this video I am showing Tumble, which I actually think is the most impressive demo on the Move demo disc. It’s basically a virtual version of Jenga, but it has plenty more to do.
Watch the video and get excited because this could be a hit for the Move when it releases."

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jack_burt0n4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

nice 1 mucu.

Just thinking about the scope that that kind of interface brings is bewildering lol

Bigpappy4553d ago ShowReplies(12)
alphakennybody4553d ago

augmented reality, sony is getting there!( ) eyetoy was the first step move is the second but crucial step. the lag is hardly visible, can't wait!

Chaostar4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

This in 3D would be awesome!

Theres something very rewarding about stacking blocks, which is why you probably see a lot of those types of games i.e Jenga, iphone stacking apps etc. It's a concept that works in a fantastic way with Move and compliments the capabilities of the technology excellently.

edit: @ Sev1512 Really? Thats great! wish granted :D Yeah its a shame you can't showcase 3D very easily but write up an honest opinion and you've got my hit, Playstationlifestyle right?

@xboxlj take it easy man, we're just expressing our opinion nobody had a go at Kinect.

Sev4553d ago

Actually this is the one PlayStation Move title on the Move demo disc that IS in 3D. My 3DTV arrives tomorrow morning and I'll test it out. Though I wont be able to show a video of it, because you can't show 3D effects without a 3DTV and active shutter glasses now can you?

xboxlj4553d ago

You guys have got to be kidding me. You complain about everythign associated with Kinect, but someone show a demo stacking blocks with Move and its awesome? Nobody can be that big of a fanboy. What is society coming too?

Terarmzar4553d ago

That's because move actually has other good games, all of kinect games so far are mediocre titles

alphakennybody4553d ago

a properly working demo and in your average house. Unlike kinect which are always mostly demoed in controlled environment and still not working properly.

metalanime4553d ago

Its not that the game is amazing, its that its so smooth. Cant really say ive seen truly motion based on kinect that really matches it. Its about how well the tech is implemented, the game itself is far from amazing.

ActionBastard4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

Kinect has what to do with this again? Hide your insecurity better man, no one here cares about Kinect.

Disagree if you like the taste of balls.

D4RkNIKON4553d ago (Edited 4553d ago )

Yeah it isn't about the game, it is about the ability of the tech. This kind of precision and accuracy has not been done on the wii or Kinect.

@disagree, yeah uh when..

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