The Fallout of the Kane & Lynch Debacle

"In 2007, a review score of 6.0 for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men resulted in scandal, rumors, speculation, and the firing of a popular editor from a major gaming news site. What was the backlash of the firing, and did it taint the legacy of the Kane & Lynch name?"

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beerat292985d ago

love the game. and love the drama, around it :)

Caspel2985d ago

About to start playing my copy right now, but not exactly sure what to expect. Anyone else have early copies?

Redlogic2985d ago

My amazon copy just shipped

Blaze9292985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

expect a camera that will get very annoying. expect glitches. expect a story that makes no sense. expect a wtf ending. expect crazy difficulty sometimes (on easy). expect to expect why you are expecting censored images in a videogame.

and pretty much that.

gmcfosho2985d ago

I played the demo of the first and just based on that it definitely didn't deserve the 6.0.

2985d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.