Top 10 Games that Deserve a Second Chance

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "The video game industry is a pretty cutthroat place. More often than not the cycle of a game’s life is pretty set in stone – a title is announced, hyped ,released and hopefully it’s a hit. However sometimes things don’t go as planned and a game doesn’t hit home with gamers. Not that’s it a bad game per say but due to a myriad of issues or the general mood of the world at the time the game isn’t remembered so fondly as its contemporaries. So for this week’s Top 10 we’re listing off ten titles that you should probably give a second chance to because they really are decent titles and deserve more love than they ever got."

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IamTylerDurden11084d ago

I enjoyed Kane and Lynch. I would love to see a PS All-Stars 2 or a non-Smash take on a PlayStation fighter. Maybe a Marvel v Campcom style but with larger levels.

PhoenixUp1084d ago

Can Tekken X Street Fighter even get a first chance

FallenAngel19841084d ago

I’d rather Nintendo give Star Fox Assault a second chance and make another new game in that style. I like that game way better than Star Fox Adventures

wonderfulmonkeyman1084d ago

I heartily agree.
Maybe even a sequel with that new walker from Star Fox Zero.[yes I know it's originally from Star Fox 2, but most of us know it from Zero because we didn't get to play SF2.]

SSj4Yagami1083d ago

More people played SF2 than SFZ thanks to SNES Mini, and emulation. Also, Star Fox Adventure > Star Fox Assault.

wonderfulmonkeyman1084d ago

The Conduit.

Just, give us a reboot of that for Switch and make it bigger and better than the original, which had potential but never got off the ground due to being on the Wii.

lptmg1084d ago

Unpopular af opinion: give Castlevania 64 and Deadpool a second chance

wonderfulmonkeyman1083d ago

Castlevania 64 was an amazing game for its time and I'd LOVE to see it get a proper remake or reboot.

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