Does the Move Work With Music?

Mucu from GOS writes, "In this video I try to see if I can control my music that is stored on my PS3 with the Playstation Move.

I'll leave it up to you to determine whether or not I was successful."

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Pedantic914552d ago (Edited 4552d ago )

Maybe your're supposed to move it slowly left or right in a flow-like motion.

Mucudadada4552d ago

Just tried that to no avail :( Hopefully, the official launch will come with some upgrades to the control scheme.

Fishy Fingers4552d ago

There's need to "point", its probably the accelerometers that it'll use, much like sixaxis but more accurate.

Unless it was sneaked in with a previous, they'll no doubt release an update around the official launch date.

SilentNegotiator4552d ago

Why do so many people want to use motion controls and crap with movies and music when the remote is so efficient and effective?

MrR0ck5taR4552d ago (Edited 4552d ago )

Hopefully so, but did you try just twisting your wrist instead of sweeping or flicking left to right. just an idea. figure if they were to add a ff or rewind it would be by a twist and to change tracks, the move would have to be flicked. still cool tho. As of right now tho ill stick with the ds3 for messing with my music and movies.

Adva4552d ago

You are talking about Kinect. We know it has some serious issues to get fixed before it can be released. You know... how most of what they showed was recorded. Lets not forget about the games. I am sure it will have those hard core games in 2 years. We gotta do some dancing first before they can bless us with serious games.
Lets get to it!


Another Multiple Account from the Same old Troll in N4G.

rdgneoz34552d ago

@Adva Yep, love the recorded videos for the Kinect "demos".

Also, still waiting for hardcore games that'll use Kinect. As well as ones where you can actually sit down and play.

LeonSKennedy4Life4552d ago


What is wrong with you?!?

Sev4552d ago

Thank you Leon.

This dude is totally overdoing the whole "Does the PlayStation Move do this?" article.

I mean, what is this like the 10th article on it? How about you just do one article that covers it all. Also, I've got 2 PlayStation Move controllers right now. It's pretty obvious that it does everything a controller is supposed to do and then some. Stop trying to milk the PS Move for hits and come up with some real journalistic content.

Sell your PS Move on Ebay and buy yourself some sandwiches. You look like you are starving LOL.

LiquifiedArt4552d ago was more so meant to be pointed at sharp angles to signify a "Press n Hold" of the analog.

It shouldn't be flicked. It should be pointed.

Kurisu4552d ago

Next up, "Does the Move Help Build Arm Muscle?"

metsgaming4552d ago

in this case it would work alot better if it used the eye rather than the accelerometers and gyros and what ever there called.

Motorola4552d ago

Does Move work with Life With Playstation? Itd be cool to move the earth :D

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The story is too old to be commented.