DPrime Previews: In-Depth and Hands-on with Brink at Quakecon

Default Prime: "The world of Brink, as far as it’s denizens are concerned, is the Ark: a massive, floating city located in the middle of the ocean. Originally built to be a sort of paradise on earth, the Ark’s presence in international waters eventually tempted unnamed corporations to begin doing… less than ethical (as of yet undisclosed) things on the floating metropolis. By the time the player enters this world, the Ark has been reduced to a war zone divided by the classic faction archetypes of ragtag resistance fighters and prim, geared up security forces. Both factions believe the other to be evil and that they are fighting for the righteous side. In the presentation given in the ballroom, one of the characters expressed concern that his brother, who had signed up with security, may be one of the people guarding a contact they intended to free from an enemy compound."

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