Does the Move Work With Blu-Rays?

Mucu from GOS writes, "Quick answer: Yes. However, it’s not as cool as you would expect. Watch the video to see what I mean."

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mushroomwig4558d ago (Edited 4558d ago )

..not really.

Anyway, it's nice to know that it does work but it's not really something you'd go out of your way to use while watching a Bluray.

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siyrobbo4558d ago

would be nice to be able to scrub through content with the move

im sure it will be better integrated at launch or slightly after

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LeonSKennedy4Life4558d ago

"Not as cool as you would expect..."?

What does that mean?

I expect it to navigate the menu. Did you expect something else?

Amplitude4558d ago (Edited 4558d ago )

Why not have the tracker ball come on (but go off after the controller is still for a few seconds), providing you with all sorts of easier navigation tools? Fast forward/Rewind by making a circular motion, Play/Pause by making a stabbing motion, bring up the pop-up menu by holding the Move in the air, etc.

Of course, none of that is easier than pushing a button, but it would still be a cool tech demo or last resort if the controller is beside you and you are too lazy to get up and grab the actual Blu-ray remote/Dualshock.

MisterAV4558d ago

maybe it's because he's not using the ps eye.

LeonSKennedy4Life4558d ago


It's completely possible for them to integrate this with blu-rays, but it's not exactly a demanded feature.

You could also use the PlayStation Eye itself to navigate Kinect. For obvious reasons, Sony chose not to do this, however.

MisterAV4558d ago

no, I mean he's using only the move without the eye apparently. Maybe if he add the eye the controls improve.

IdleLeeSiuLung4558d ago (Edited 4558d ago )

I think he meant how un-intuitive and useless PS Move is on blu-rays. See how he had problems navigating the menu? Figuring out what does what? Might as well use a controller, it cost less and you can figure it out faster!

Also notice how he has his 360 placed on the TV? No wonder these 360 goes RROD! This guy is a "supposedly" hard core gamer, yet he is dense enough to block the bottom vent as well as the right vent! I'm sure we will get an article about how he kept his Xbox 360 in the open yet it RROD soon.

Then he proceeds to comment on "gyroscopes" which clearly he is clue less. Blog news at it's best!!!

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nveenio4558d ago

That is a really good movie. It's an awesome commentary on the value of human life, and how we treat it as a commodity (high supply = low value/low supply = high value).

Aquarius4558d ago

its a controller for the playstation 3, is it not?

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