Microsoft Clarifies Gamescom Event Format

Eurogamer: "Microsoft has said that its gamescom "Play Day" event will allow press to see new games and interview developers and executives, but will not adopt the format of a traditional trade show press conference.

"The event is an intimate opportunity to come face to face with games and key Microsoft personnel," a spokesperson told Eurogamer this evening.

We're told to expect announcements to appear in parallel with the event, so those of you hoping for revelations like a possible European release date for Kinect should keep your eyes on the internet from 11.30am BST / 12.30pm CET tomorrow, 17th August."

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PandemicPrawn03107d ago

Sounds like a nice relaxed event.

RockmanII73107d ago

I hate the internet, now every time I look at a tentacle I feel dirty.

Convas3107d ago

Don't tell me ... Tentacle Rape?

rhood0223107d ago

Much easier to hand out the payoffs in a nice intimate setting.

I'm kidding.

This sounds like a good idea though. Less distractions than a traditional conference and better opportunities to go hands on with the goods.

Jack Klugman3107d ago

Hrm, sounds to me like they don't have much to announce? I would think after their E3 showing they would work extra hard to right that horrible PR disaster.

I thought the Euro Xbox Guy said to expect hardcore Kinect announcements at Gamescon. They certainly aren't giving them the press spotlight if they are.

Convas3107d ago

Let's just wait till tomorrow before we say that MS has failed again. We have no idea what's coming, besides the games we already know about.

PandemicPrawn03107d ago

People seem to be getting a little carried away with their expectations.

Microsoft have never had a huge presence at Gamescom, It would be crazy to think that they are going to suddenly announce a slew of new “hardcore” titles.

They have the rest of their 2010 planned out and I doubt we sill see anything new to be announced this year.

It’s going to be Kinect stuff, Halo Reach stuff, Gears 3 stuff, Fable 3 stuff, and not much else.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

3107d ago