Wii Got Issues

The Wii is affordable and innovative, so much so that it seems to be the only system out there with the true right to don the moniker "Next Gen." It's a great system that should not even be compared to the PS3 or the 360, save for when it tries to get into the cross-platforming market and push poorly adapted games onto its players.

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felidae5098d ago

yeah .. the games are the issue

heroman7115098d ago

dude ive seen your posts b4 and i have to ask what the hell is your icon picture i cant tell

ChickeyCantor5098d ago

yeah same here, wtf is that thing?

djt235098d ago

hell yea
time would tell

heroman7115098d ago

only time i will agree with you

Chabbs05098d ago

i hope thats sarcastic cos its soooooo untrue

akaFullMetal5098d ago

alot of games on wii suck compare to other versions on the 360 and ps3, because usual games are made for the regualar handheld controllers, not for the wii,but nintendo wants to make a fast buck so they will ask to make a version for them

crck5098d ago

because Nintendo is run by a bunch of cheap old bastards. People who put junk hardware in there so they could turn a quick buck.

unsunghero285098d ago

LOL, the Wii is absolutely pwning this generation and the only thing people can do to feel better about themselves is brutally harass it. God, N4G is so biased against Nintendo it makes my head spin...

beavis4play5098d ago

the wii is cheap-as in cheaply made. the games look cheap and i don't care what controller you hook to it, nothing is going to change that. so, the wii sells right now because it is CHEAP and because the ps3 and 360 are definitively higher in price. but thats for a reason: IN ELECTRONICS, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! so to all these people: go ahead and play those sad and repetitive titles on wii. do without HD and a solid online experience(note-buying has been titles from the virtual console is a nintendo money-making joke) also, do without HD movie playback. do without amazing visuals that serve to immerse the player in the game. if you're happy, great, but from my perspective, nintendo is doing very little for the consumers who buy their product. again, i reiterate- being CHEAP does not mean being innovative!

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The story is too old to be commented.