ExReview: DarkStar One: Broken Alliance

Ex: DarkStar One: Broken Alliance is essentially a rehash of the 2006 PC release DarkStar One. Though four years have passed, it doesn't feel like Broken Alliance has changed much from the first entry in this space drifting series.

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bgrundman3109d ago

Ouch, that is a harsh score. And here I thought were were looking at the second coming of Space combat sims. :(

CrAppleton3109d ago

Hardly.. this game has its moments, but it's lacking in too many places for a few good battles to turn the score around

bgrundman3109d ago

And I heard that the controls are pretty awful as well.

bgrundman3109d ago

I have never even heard of this game before reading this review. Am I the only one?

killyourfm3109d ago

Nope, this is the first time I've heard about it...I bet there's a good reason for that :-)

CrAppleton3109d ago

It wasn't publicized too well.. but the original did fairly well in 06 on PC