PlayTV 2 Will Release In Late 2010 Writes:

"We recently got hold of a Sony Computer Eentertainment Europe Trade Brochure for Summer 2010 and we couldnt help but notice a mention of PlayTV 2. PlayTv 2 was revealed to be in development in May but nothing has been heard of the device since. Flicking through the brochure we couldnt help but see a small paragraph relating to the device which reveals, among other things, that PlayTV 2 is set to arrive before the end of the year and will include a host social network features.

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mushroomwig3109d ago

Very cool, I live in the UK so hopefully PlayTV2 will include the hardware needed for HD Freeview (The idiotic UK government changed the specs for HD freeview here, making PlayTV useless for HD viewing).

Aquarius3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

what do you mean change the specs?
Play Tv is 2 years old. Freeview HD boxes only came out when 3DTVs launched.

...the only hardware needed is a HDTV and a HDMI cable, that's it!

PirateThom3109d ago

When PlayTV was released, there was no set broadcast specification for HD in the UK. Sony had opted for the, then presummed standard, DVB-T which everyone else was using. However, when HD freeview went live in December 2009, it was under DVB-T2, which PlayTV doesn't support.

mushroomwig3109d ago


Exactly, so PlayTV2 will have DVB-T2 instead, and whatever other features (hopefully the ability to record gameplay).

LostDjinn3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

While what Thom says is true, it has nothing to do with recording gameplay. That can be done if dev's make it part of their game. PlayTV runs 2 codecs in the form of decoders. They handle signal overhead and such. This allows the PS3 to do things like play games while you record TV (even logged in to another account).

As such, upgrades you can look forward to with PlayTV 2 would be things like being able to decode/record 3D broadcasts. Watch HD broadcasts (as the format is now decided and the appropriate hardware is now in place). All while playing games ofcourse. ;)

Comet3109d ago

I would've been interested if this was being supported in America...

Redempteur3109d ago

things they need to keep :
-the hability to remote play on your psp

things they need to add :
-HD .( everywhere )
-storage management
-more support for signals besides the main ones used in the countries ..make it like a real TV when you can select the kind of signal you recieve

darkdoom30003109d ago

Hopefully It actually comes out in NZ, they announced it was comming to NZ in 2008... then 2009... now It's 2010, and still no news.

I was planning on importing one(all countries have the same playTV hardware :)) but I think ill just wait for playTV2.

IHateYouFanboys3109d ago

well this is a kick in the balls to everyone who bought playTV not too long ago. will we get a free upgrade or anything like that? cause im sure as hell not going to be happy if they want me to pay ANOTHER $160 for this, on top of the $160 i paid for PlayTV originally.

MarkyMarky3109d ago ShowReplies(2)
masterg3108d ago

What kind of thinking is this???

I bought a new TV/Computer/Phone now it turns out that they are making a new better version of it. Now I want a free one because I paid good money for the old one. Com on man. What are you thinking.

darkdoom30003109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Wow... you bought a peice of theres a better version comming out; And they dare charge for it!? WTF.

What has the world come to.../s

TLG19913108d ago

Well its just like buying a freeview box and then the new HD freeview boxes come out everyone has to buy them, but because its the game industry you except everything for free. its called business and thats why your thick!

IHateYouFanboys3105d ago

difference being that the hardware will most likely be exactly the same. theres no new standards that have been made since PlayTVs release, and from what we've heard itll just be adding software things like social network integration. that doesnt require new hardware.

PlayTVs software is updatable. why not just release a patch for it via the PSN to add these new things in? hell, why not charge $20 for it if they have to? that way people that already shelled out for the EXACT same hardware dont need to go buy it again, but still get the new stuff, and sony still gets money for it?

PlayTV 2s hardware will most likely be exactly the same as the hardware in PlayTV, thats why im complaining. when i bought playtv they promised updates via software downloads. there havent been any. now theyre announcing new software, but want me to pay another $160 to get it?

think about it like this: how would you like it if Uncharted 2 got some new levels and characters for multiplayer, but the only way to get them was to buy a whole new copy of Uncharted 2 for US$60? would you say 'oh yeah thats fine because its an updated version'? no, youd say 'thats BS!'. the option should be there to get the new software via DLC, much like you can buy all the Gears of War DLC by itself, or you can buy a copy of the game + all the DLC for more money.

this might not be a problem for all you guys who dont have PlayTV, but for someone like me who paid $160 for it 12 months ago, being asked to shell out another $160 just for a software update is ridiculous when NOTHING has changed in the standards for broadcasting in my country.

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