Inevitably, Someone's Mad That You Can Be The Taliban In Medal of Honor

Owen Good of Kotaku: I must be inside the bubble, because the idea of playing as the Taliban in Medal of Honor multiplayer didn't hit me as particularly controversial. Fox News noticed. Though it did treat the subject reasonably, the woman they interviewed doesn't.

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jaredhart3112d ago

Who cares about playing as the Taliban? it's just another excuse to attack the video game industry!

Darkstorn3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Perhaps. I think it's mostly a small group of vocal reactionaries who, due to the death of a family member in Iraq/Afghanistan, are given open airtime to discuss their biased view of this issue.

Losing a son to a war does not mean that you automatically know what you're talking about, as evidenced by the woman in the Fox News story. It's bad journalism on the part of Fox to treat the woman's anti-video game drivel as a legitimate concern.

I may feel for her loss, but she expressed her ignorance quite vividly when she opened her mouth.

Independent_Charles3112d ago

so perhaps its all right for american forces to slaughter poeple from the east and everything is fine but not okay vice versa. listen there is no 'good' and 'bad' sides just differant causes people can get behind. e.g. console wars

Mmmkay3112d ago

i'm gonna play as taliban all the time just in spite...

theKiller3111d ago

the only people who cares are the racist, patriotic, haters, evil people who support killing others but cant stand the sight of their imaginary soldiers die(which happens every day in afghanistan by the hands of taliban)

its ok to in GTA to kill and rape and steal and be racist in the game and in other games to kill Arabs, Muslims, Russians, Koreans, Vietnamese etc but it is not okey to kill marines in even a multiplayer? the campaign mode u r killing taliban!! so thats ok? but in the online mode is not okey vise versa?

poor taliban, they didnt get involve in 9/11 in any way yet they got attacked and invaded!!

any way, they control most of afghanistan now!! and guess how they did it guys? by killing their enemies which the media hides!!

the story of taliban in MOH is fromt he point of view of the west!! because no one want to hear the story from taliban!! because they are aliens came to destroy humanity!! oh wait, i think humans keep trying contacting aliens in space right? through sending signals etc? so taliban is even worst than aliens and worst than animals and even bugs!! and of course amercians are the best of the people on the planet and those who follow them in their life style!!

"listen there is no 'good' and 'bad' sides just differant causes people can get behind"

i object!! the good and only good side of any side or conflict is the side of Allah!! the creator of everything!! who ever take the side of Allah will be victorious. but we don know who is taking God side 100% since we cant see through people hearts!!

Panthers3111d ago

"i object!! the good and only good side of any side or conflict is the side of Allah!! the creator of everything!! who ever take the side of Allah will be victorious. but we don know who is taking God side 100% since we cant see through people hearts!! "

HAHA i dont know if you are being serious or not but that is funny!

poopface13111d ago

I wasnt aware that you could rape people in gta.

KingKiff3111d ago

One mans terrorist.

Another mans freedom fighter.

Just depends on which side of the fence you sit.

RedDead3111d ago

The problem with one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter is you could end up backing the wrong person. Hitler was a flute for example. But anyway.
British government:

UDA=ummm, they're just doing what's right for them...

It all depends on the media

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SilentNegotiator3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Because the game trains you to be a Taliban member, just like all of these shooting games have taught children how to use guns!


zak94ma3112d ago

game don't teach kids how to use guns , there is a big deference between simulation and reality live your life pal . go visit mother earth and don't too much in your head.
don't tell me Study's say this or that , screw them they are bunch of losers

IaMs123111d ago

Do you see the /sarcasm? That means sarcasm.

rekonizakilla3112d ago

my grandad once hit his head whilst mending a leaking pipe during the war, so i get offended when people play mario. Makes me sick!

If she's offended by people playing as the taliban, then the rest of the world has the right to be pissed about playing as an American or english war dude.

it's just a game

DarkSpawnClone3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

i will in no fucking way play as the Taliban..i support our troops!!! yeah i know its "just a game" but nah im sorry i just cant do it.

duplissi3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

i bet youve played as germans or japanese in ww2 shooters before.....

edit @ independent

to be fair hiroshima happened after we were attacked and it pretty much ended the war.

Independent_Charles3112d ago

again so its fine for amerian troops to slaughter and wreck families in the west but not vice versa. bth are bad as each other.
taliban ----> 9/11
america ----> hiroshima

2 pure acts of terrorisam

DarkSpawnClone3112d ago

yeah sure but thats different,yeah i know your going to say "but how is it" open your eyes there's a war going on right now! and its so much the same thing thats gonna go on in this game its just too soon, disagree all you want you have a right to do that but why should we as Americans and Canadians ect be playing as people that are killing our solders in a video game..that doesn't seem fucked up to you ? these our are brothers and sisters going to fight for us and you want to play as the same people that are killing them ? why do we have to say its OK just because its a game ? disagree if you want thats fine with me i don't care its my opinion,not yours.

Graey3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I feel for you man, I went to the war in Iraq and seen my fair share of people get killed(both sides). To be honest you'll never know what it feels like until your there. Shit to be honest still has me fu$%^d up till this day.

One thing you said that caught my attention "These are our brothers and sisters". This part I think is the part I have the most concern about. It feels like your saying us against them. I have two points to this part.

1. How come our so called brothers and sisters are killing, robbing, raping, stealing from each other in the states.

2. We are all brothers and sisters. This is the problem with the world as a whole. This us vs them mentality. Is used to confuse and limit you, and in respect control you. Its done through almost everything. Hell take games for example. Us against them, mario against Koopa, master chief against the covenant, Those gears dudes against those big ass roaches...or whatever the hell they are.

Until we all come to gripes with the fact that its an ego based world were all doomed.

I feel your pain man I really, do but I seen both sides die I saw pain from both sides. Its not as easy as you think to be black and white.

Much respect to you though.

IaMs123111d ago

Yes true but then you must add in Pearl Harbor into that equation then it would make sense.....

duplissi3111d ago

well said graey. well said.

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DarkTower8053112d ago

COD already had OpFor, we all know that's supposed to be Taliban. People are always getting their panties in a bunch.

jjohan353111d ago

This is just giving the game more press that it desperately needs. Seriously the beta was underwhelming to say the least.

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SupaGamer3112d ago

F the Taliban and F the people who complain about playing as them in MOH!

mrv3213112d ago

Didn't the US army invest in doing much the same, in fact they MADE a game in which one can kill an American Soldier...

From the coverage I've seen media outlets for some reason have been treating Americans as the master race, and forgetting the fact there's other nations involved in conflict.

finbars753112d ago

Good post even if people disagree.The truth does hurt.But really it doesn come down to just a videogame.If you hate what direction EA has gone with MOH then stop watching the trailers or playing the beta ect.At least they did there information on what goes on over there before they made the game.Its not some false piece of hollywood crap that gives me the wrong idea of the war.

mrv3213112d ago

You mean like WW2 started in 1941, the Russians did nothing, Britain was 2 femto seconds from turning Nazi's and without the Americans we'd be saluting Hitler... you mean that Hollywood nonsense? While I am very greatful for the help provided by the Americans during WW2 and I have no doubt without their help the possibility of a Nazi invasion of Britain would be greatly increase but America played a part, as did Russia, France and Britain.

The one thing that truly annoys me is that of the German officers who are all seen as Nazi's, not all of them where, some of them where soldiers who fought well... and for a cause. No different from the Americans or British or Canadians or Russians who all lost men in the fight for liberty. But hey let's not look too deeply into 1900-1950's America we might find something we disagree with on a morale level.

iamnsuperman3111d ago

@mrv321 you do have a point the Americans did stop Britian getting invaded to a point but you can't ignore the fact that British RAF crippled the German airforce in the battle of britian which allowed any American invasion force to happen...also Hitler ignored his Generals and made tatical blunders.....I agree with you on the Germans officers in games seam like crazy nazi when you can't ignore certain generals like Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, portrayed awfully by Tom Cruise in the film valkyrie come on he is not even German and Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg is seen as a German hero, who tried to kill Hitler

iamnsuperman3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I know lets look at the British who were given Helmand provice by the Americans after they failed there and they were left until recently to make do and its one of the toughest provinces in the country. Other nations like German are there basically the whole of the nato countries are there

@ finbars75 ".At least they did there information on what goes on over there before they made the game.Its not some false piece of hollywood crap that gives me the wrong idea of the war."...thats one reason for me wanting to get this but i am going to wait for reviews to come out first just be sure

socomnick3112d ago

in Americas Army you always play as a US soldier. In the mp game there are two teams and the enemy always appears to be insurgents.

TheGameFoxJTV3111d ago

You can't disagree with facts. lol

mushroomwig3112d ago

Don't like it? Don't play it. Simple.

Dsnyder3112d ago

Basedon the beta, It Doesnt look like many people will be playing it.

HelghastKid3112d ago

Based on the pre orders and the publicity its getting people will be purchasing this.

The_Claw3112d ago

ugh, this is why im against public betas. too many idiots think its a early copy of the game.

DaBadGuy3112d ago

It's not that simple. People who don't like the game won't just simply not play it, they will do everything in their power to keep the game out of your hands, just based on their own personal agendas and beliefs. Politicians, lawyers, etc. will do whatever is necessary, even risk self-destruction (see: Jack Thompson) to make sure that you can't legally purchase a video game in the United States of America. So you see, it's not that simple.

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