Madden 11 Hates the Minnesota Vikings

For a Vikings fan, the new Madden can be a brutally frustrating experience. The opening Saints field goal cinematic is the equivalent of a video teabagging. 88 rating? Seriously? Obviously the people behind Madden 11 hate the Minnesota Vikings. Sound like the paranoid ramblings of a delusional Vikings fan? Well check out all of the evidence of Vikings hate after the jump.

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Buff10443107d ago

Well, Drew Brees is on the cover, so of course EA Sports planned to highlight the Saints. If you believe in the Madden curse, things won't be so bad in the end.

cgspicer3107d ago

That's true, but still. I guess the irony of it is that the most memorable moment for the Saints is a field goal... because I think deep down they knew they didn't deserve that game. That said, it was also the most memorable Viking's moment... sloppy game at best for both teams.