How To Use PlayStation Move

Some additional suggestions for safe usage of PlayStation Move's wand, by Androsko, inspired by the Move's demo instructions.

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ingiomar3199d ago

this is what microsoft is trying to avoid with kinect

danmachine3198d ago

yeah go fuck yourselves kotaku.
you aint geetting hits from me.

i thought they would of officially apologised for faking that gran turimso vid.

anyone know why they havn't?

SilentNegotiator3198d ago

Not all that clever of picture.

Ingram3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Come on, microsoft isn't even "TRYING" with Kinect and we all know it.

hiredhelp3199d ago


trounbyfire3199d ago

WOW kotaku is really showing that they can put up what ever they want and that no one will do any thing about it. after "slotaku" or "slogate" they continue to put out bs


cliffbo3199d ago

but it wouldn't hurt anyway, the end is spongy :)

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