10° Heroes of Three Kingdoms Q&A

A few weeks ago, I submitted some curious questions to the team at Perfect World Entertainment. To my delight, AJ Potter, Product Manager for Heroes of Three Kingdoms, took some time out of his schedule to participate in an email Q&A session. Between my submission to PWE and the posting of this article, Heroes of Three Kingdoms has undergone the transition into Open Beta. Potter and the rest of Perfect World Entertainment have learned some valuable lessons during the Closed Beta phase, and Potter provides some insight into the game’s growth and future.

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RaymondM3203d ago

Good stuff man, im digging this the more I look into it. Also, any game with samurai swords is cool in my book

Murgatroyd73201d ago

I still feel pretty iffy about this, but good job on the interview.

omicron0093201d ago

looks ok, might have to give this a try.