Does the Move Work With Netflix?

Mucu from GOS writes, "So, we all know that the Move works with the XMB, but does it work with other applications such as Netflix? Watch the vid to find out if you can Move with your movies!

P.S. Awful pun, I know."

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Microshock4552d ago

Why don't videos showing the XMB working with the Move or Netflix working with it have the Move controller ON?

It's not on.

jack_burt0n4552d ago

It can work without the camera just like sixaxis.

jjacinto234552d ago

nice to see it was in the netflix too............. OFF TOPIC I JUST saw HIS INSTANT QUE, I SAW "TEETH" lmao

EvilBlackCat4552d ago (Edited 4552d ago )

Why the gaming media journalists are not asking this kind of issues to both Microsoft and Sony?

THEY are going to spy on you because with them(cameras) they can.

Dont be a fool and ignore this issue people!

THIS is the reason why im not supporting both.

look i just got a disagree by a dumbed down gamer Check it out.

room4144552d ago

ok it's official, you're insane

SeanRL4552d ago

No, like, you're insane.

JoeReno4552d ago

I had no idea Dale from King of the hill posted here on N4G.... Sweet

saint_john_paul_ii4552d ago (Edited 4552d ago )

there is no actual motion tracking going on, thats why. it only uses the gyroscopes inside the controller for it to control the menu screen. thats why the PS3 needs a firmware update for its UI. kinda like how Microsoft is updating the 360's UI for it to work with Kinect properly.

Mr Logic4552d ago

Agree it looks a little fake to me. Watch his hands and the movement on screen.

Bigpappy4552d ago (Edited 4552d ago )

The move, especially with the Nave, has everything the other controllers have except a right thumb stick. If they have patches for everything on the PS3, it would go a long way to making Move the feature controller for those who like motion. If it is just in a few games, then that would cause quite a bit of switching back and forth to do things other than play Move titles. After a while, it might put off some from picking it up. So the more integation the better.

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Soseki4552d ago

Awesome--looking forward to more tests.

jonfhoag4552d ago

i just jizzed my pants...

52pickup4552d ago

He's got a Captain Qwark Tee on lol.

Nice to know Move has added XMB functionality.

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