Player Affinity: Top 3 Underrated Xbox 360 Games

Great games are released monthly and occasionally, us in the gaming media's picky little eyes miss it and someone else’s will spot it. In this week’s Player Affinity top list, Xbox Team members Nate Butch and myself (Jay Malone) discuss our top 3 most underrated games on the Xbox 360.

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KratosGirI5064d ago

I would like to try out Deadly Premonition one day...

Galaxia5063d ago

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood was amazing. I don't get why people didn't like it. Name some reasons why it's bad? The cover system was amazing, best cover system I've ever seen. And it has some amazing graphics (that I seriously think are up there with KZ2) and some breathtaking views of desert mesas and canyons. Plus great gunplay to boot. I preferred playing as Ray since duel wielding was just so much fun.

Cenobia5063d ago

When did you last play it? You're memory of the game is warping what the game actually was.

I remember watching someone play it and thinking it was awesome. Then I played it myself and it really wasn't all that great. The graphics definitely don't hold up to Killzone at all (I often remember games as looking better than they did too though).

The story wasn't that great (or maybe I just didn't connect since I didn't play the first one) and I honestly didn't think the gameplay was that good either. By the time I got to the 2nd open world section I just wanted the game to be over.

It's a good rental, but I played once as the long range character and would have had no desire to play Ray if I wasn't a trophy whore.

hikayu5062d ago

CoJ: BoB is soo much better on pc than it is on console . the cover system suck imo on the console version . it is so clunky to get out and into to cover but some might disagree with me , which i cant take it offensively . the graphic is quite great , on any platform. but it is definitely not killzone2 level. i played it once and never bothered to play it again . the campaign was short and the multiplayer is meh at best ( in my opinion ) . it really only deserve a rent . i borrowed it from a friend and glad that i did .

Galaxia5062d ago

Last time I played COJ: Bound in Blood was about a month ago. I enjoyed it and you cannot deny that the graphics are beautiful. KZ2 probably has a few extra polygons and polish but artistically it is dull and bland and to samey. COJ is a very colorful and diverse game graphically that also has a good polygon count from what I saw of it. Every level I must have stopped a good few times to admire the views of the old west. And I thought the game was a lot better if you played as Ray since it felt more unique, I really loved the way the game handled duel wielding.

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TheGamerGeek5064d ago

You should! Order that from Amazon right now! Or something! Worth every nickel.

TheGamerGeek5064d ago

The thought of actually burying my head back into a JRPG scares me too much to even try and go into Lost Odyssey.

NateButch5064d ago

Honestly Jay, I hadn't heard of ANY of those games before now. LOL I'll have to check 'em out.

Optical_Matrix5064d ago

Also add Halo 3 to that list. Incredibly underrated game.