S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 In Development And Multi-platform

GSC Game World announces S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 - the official sequel to best-selling game series - in development now. A completely new multi-platform technology developed by GSC will make the core of the game.

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GWAVE3015d ago

STALKER has always been cool but incredibly glitchy. If it comes to consoles I hope they iron out the gltiches.

2late3015d ago

you never played Call of Prypiat

anyway I hope to god they won't consolize it

Johandevries3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

They maybe will. And that sucks hard.

But look at Mafia 2, a positive example for PC gamers. It's either a PC game being consolized or a console game is PC-dominated.

raztad3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

What does mean "consolize"?

I love STALKER btw, only played Shadow of Chernobil some time ago because my PC is not a dedicated gaming device.

I hope I can build a decent (not more than $400 Pc) that can be plugged to my TV and play Call of Prypiat.

Arnon3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

What do you think it means? It means possibly dumbing it down so a console can run it. I'm hoping multi-platform refers to Mac and PC. It seems everyone is upset with seeing this being a multi-platform title.

Akagi3015d ago

They wouldn't have to "consolize" it if wasn't pirated so much.

free2game3653015d ago

the original Stalker sold something like 3 million copies, and the new one that came out earlier this year sold 2 pretty easy. Even if it's getting pirated, they probably don't care. Hell that's what Bioshock 1 managed to do on the PC and 360. Not to mention 2 million is more than what Bioshock 2 sold on three platforms.

raztad3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )


Well, that is a stupid definition. If any devel "consolize" their game is their choice, probably the game is just a bad port from xbox360 to PC. That means a cheap afterthought, for the quick cash. Nobody is expecting console games to be equal than PCs, so dumbing them down is a conscious developer decision, and only developers are to blame not consoles themselves. I wonder if "Consolize" then is just the PC being more and more irrelevant perhaps?

Regarding STALKER. I can see why PC gamers feel entitled to this game, similar situation to FFXIII moving to the xbox. However contrary to FFXIII, and quite similar to what MAfia 2 developers did, I dont doubt GSC will put together the best game they can running on PC. They have the experience and the engine. I dont see why the game should be "consolized".

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JsonHenry3015d ago

This is probably one of my favorite game series ever. I really hope they do it right so that PC gamers will not immediately feel like they got bent over and console only kiddos will enjoy a great game.

number473015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Most of the reason it had glitches was due to the high level of performance the engine demaned.

Based on previous console titles, I'd imagine its going to be quite the reduced experience. Gameplay fundamentals are still good though.

BattleAxe3015d ago

I own STALKER: Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat, but I haven't gotten around to playing them yet. I bought way too many games during Steam's summer sale.

As far as STALKER 2 goes, if its the same situation as Mafia 2 where there are frame rate issues and noticebly reduced detail in the graphics, then I'll get the PC version for sure, but if they do a good job on the console versions of this game I might get it for PS3. I'm still waiting to see how Crysis 2 is going to be like on PS3.

NarooN3015d ago

Shadow of Chernobyl runs fine on the latest patch, I dunno about Clear Sky, and CoP didn't even have any bugs when I played the NA release.

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Raoh3015d ago

i just installed Call of Prypiat a few weeks back, started it but havent continued yet due to back log of games..

i just got back into pc games and it was the worst decision i made.. the mods are keeping me away from my console

i fell in love with fallout 3 all over again thanks to mods..

i hope to finish Call of Prypiat by next week though..

pr0digyZA3015d ago

lol im also playing fallout 3 because of mods

gillri3015d ago

meh PC's needs STALKER 2 alot more than console's do thats for certain, anyway it ll a bug ridden mess like the original,

PhilipLarkin3015d ago

This is the single best piece of news I've heard all year.


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