Top Five Most Wanted DLC Sequels (RunDLC)

These days, almost every successful game gets a sequel, or at the very least, a generous helping of downloadable content that makes it feel like a brand new experience. With that, here are the five most wanted sequels you didn’t know you needed, starting with…

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Smiling5353206d ago

Haha you haven't even let the smoke clear from Joe Danger's tires.

Buff10443206d ago

Hey, it's a sweet game that demands a sequel. Based on its success, I say we get one.

Smiling5353206d ago

Well, let me play the first one first.

Buff10443206d ago

On top of that, it's been a while since we've seen Shadow Complex....a sequel is definitely in order. I had a lot of fun exploring that underground base finding new weapons and pieces of the suit. Definitely a wonderful title.

Smiling5353206d ago

Mega Man 11...I don't know....wouldn't that just be three of the same thing? How long can Capcom fall back on those retro graphics?

Buff10443206d ago

Not necessarily. Capcom can always tweak the formula, and the inclusion of DLC cannot be ignored. OR, maybe the company just spins off into a whole new series. Either way, games like Scott Pilgrim show that this art style is here to stay for a little while.

Buff10443206d ago

Besides, I'd rather see a 2-D game done in a unique style than a 3-D game that resembles everything else on the market.

Gen0ne3206d ago

1. Joe Danger 2 w/custom soundtracks please

2. 'Splosion man 2: this game could teach Mario a thing or two about entertaining platforming

3. Shadow Complex w/more places to use your super run ability

4. Flower

I know Flower is not on the list but that game chills me out. A sequel would be appreciated.

Cajun Chicken3205d ago

Lame. I want The Maw 2. The Maw was awesome not to mention had the best character design in a downloadable title yet.