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"Amid the minor frustrations, VC2 is a worthy sequel. The battle system was the best part of the original, and while there are some differences, it’s still the star attraction in Valkyria Chronicles 2. It’s a fun game to play, and that’s what matters most." -Heath Hindman, RPG Land review

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Cloudberry3209d ago

"Overall : VERY GOOD out of 10."

: )

Aquarius3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

they say the story is Below Average
and that is not good :(

the story is what kept me flicking through those pages in the 1st one.

EDIT: Overall they gave the first game a LEGENDARY ( 10/10 ) which I agree with.
The game didn't have any glitches unlike most games released nowadays ( if any there were minuscule )
The story got an Excellent also.

probably because its on PSP.

Cloudberry3208d ago

But hopefully the game-play would make up for it.

TotalPS3Fanboy3208d ago

This one is going to be a Day One purchase for me.

thelifatree3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

I thought the story was the worse part by far in the first one. And quite below average just like FFXIII. Though I loved both of them for their characters and gameplay.

This description figures to be more of the same... which is totally fine :P

The only thing I'm worried about is some things about the gameplay. And the fact that it won't look near as good and will be tiny. But, hmm dunno! Day 1 for me

Darrius Cole3208d ago

There was no bad part of the first one.

ChronoJoe3208d ago

To be fair, how they described the story... a lot of animes are like that.

Eg code geass, half the time they are messing about in the school, half the time it's like OMG super serious fight for the world, people are dying...

So I think anime fans should be able to stomach the contrast in serious vs silly. Stuff, and be able to see it as a good story, or at least a fun one. Hopefully including a good ending.

RedDead3208d ago

Yeah the first I could stomach but it was becoming too much at some points. Remember that little pig creature thing. That just made me feel...awkward

Triella3208d ago


Yeah the pig was reeeaaly incongruous but fortunately you don't see it much after they "adopt" it. Overall the story in the first one was very good, it had its share cheesy moments but most of the time it was either epic, grim or very sad, what I especially liked was how well each mission (battle) felt integrated to the narrative - even side missions added to the story and character developpment - and how the mission objective could suddenly change drastically in the course of a battle.

RedDead3208d ago

I loved that too, it didn't feel fully like a strategy. it was a full on Rpg/strategy combined. The fact that characters could die and all was good aswell, I remember when my favourite side character got killed by that c*** , the Valkyrian women on the case. I just sent him out to scout and he got ass raped and then died.

Vc actually sorta reminds me of Code Geass somewhat, with the battles and that. Code Geass ending was amazing though

Redempteur3208d ago

well he is complaining about anime clichés in a Jrpgs soo...

imoutofthecontest3208d ago

It's not a complaint about anime cliches in a JRPG, it's a complaint about the jarring contrast of spending 50-75 hours being one thing and then suddenly becoming another. The review even says "...and I like anime" or something similar. Having a balance is fine, but that's not what this game does.

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zeeshan3208d ago

Please bring it on PS3!!!

Darrius Cole3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Posted in wrong place

Malebaria3208d ago

To each his own but I personally thought the first VC had one of the most charming stories this gen,filled with a diverse and likable cast of characters.
Looking forward to the sequel.

Tikicobra3208d ago

As I was playing the demo, I kept forgetting that it was supposed to be a sequel. I kept thinking of it as more of a prequel or port, since the gameplay is basically the same but the game now has lower res graphics, less voice acting and less interesting characters.

Ascalon943208d ago

because its on a portable system....

thelifatree3208d ago

because they didn't want to budget it for HD. They were being cheap no doubt. But still wanted to make the game which is a plus.

TheColbertinator3208d ago

Very cool score from RPGLand

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