Five PlayStation Portable Must-Play Role-Playing Games

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) was one of the most successful handheld consoles to date, featuring a large roster of games including each and every genre present to date.

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_-EDMIX-_2044d ago


Both PSP and DS were the very top of handheld gaming at that time. I never would have foresaw the decline in handheld gaming that we see today. So many companies had PSP titles, KH, FF, MGS, GTA etc A rare time and I don't know if we'll even see that type of support for handheld like we saw back then.

I never played Persona 3 on PSP though, I played it on PS2 and got it again on PS3 when it was on PSN, same with Persona 4, but everyone tells me Persona 4 on Vita is a lot better.

Fist4achin2044d ago

P4 golden on the Vita is excellent and if you have a Vita, it is definitely worth another go around.

I wish the Vita got half the support the psp did. I'm don't mean to complain but I feel it was just shorted. Oh well.

_-EDMIX-_2044d ago

@Fist- Well I have the PSTV and I did want to play Persona 4 again, I might pick up the Vita version.

It sucks Vita didn't get that same type of support, but the market has changed so much. So many phone games its not even funny. Its why when I hear a JRPG announcement, first thing I thinking about is "please don't be mobile" lol

VersusDMC2044d ago

Replace 3rd birthday with peace walker or Dissidia and it will be an excellent list. 3rd birthday is great mechanically but the story is attrocious as a parasite eve sequel.

kakakaja2044d ago

Peace Walker and Dissidia were amazing titles as well, no doubt.

MetalGearsofWar2044d ago

This saddens me, because there will never be a proper successor to psp.