F1 2010 dated for September 24 in Europe and UK

VG247 writes:

Codemasters has dated F1 2010 for a September 24 release in Europe and UK.

The date is mentioned at the end of a new video for the game, which you can get on the official Formula One website.

It features some of the teams which debuted in the sport this year, including Lotus, Virgin and Hispania.


F1 2010 vs F1 2015 Monaco comparison

Team VVV writes: "Following our recent Project CARS vs F1 2015 Monaco comparison, we now compare the very first game in Codemasters long-running series, F1 2010, up against its latest offering and we once again take to the streets of Monte Carlo."

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F1 2010 vs F1 2011 vs F1 2014 vs F1 2015 comparison

Team VVV writes: "To follow up on our recent F1 2011 vs F1 2015 video, we decide to go one step further and put four iterations of Codemasters' F1 titles side by side for comparison purposes and for a little fun too.

We have F1 2010 running at the top left for the Xbox 360, F1 2011 at the top right also for the Xbox 360, the bottom left is last year's F1 2014 for the Playstation 3 and of course F1 2015 running on the Playstation 4 completes the foursome in the bottom right video."

ps5fanboy3245d ago

Gonna have to be a big f1 fan to purchase, as PCars has f1 racing?

ABBAJESUS3245d ago

There is career mode and all the teams, tracks and drivers so yeh this gets my money cos im big f1 fan

deklore3245d ago

There is no career mode. You get to play as one driver for one season as often as you like. I think its called championship mode.

ABBAJESUS3245d ago

@deklore, it's pro season mode or something like that.

jay23245d ago

Mate this is a proper F1 game, all the teams, drivers, tracks, rules etc. so get the real thing over the amazing porject cars for a true f1 experance.


The F1 Series Needs A Pit Stop

Steve from Gamespresso argues that it's time for Codemasters to stop releasing new F1 games annually, stating that they should either add new liveries and licences to existing games as DLC, or not release a game at all.

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ABBAJESUS3529d ago

F1 2015 is going to be released Q1 2015. It is going to be "true" next gen game codies say. Over 2 years they have worked on that game. If it fails ..

Akuma2K3529d ago

The author of the article seems mad for whatever reasons that don't make any sense, the F1 racing series is a very popular which has had great success is sales from 2010 to now.

Can't wait to play F1 2015 in march/april if not mistaken (game is suppose to come out a month or so early before the F1 season starts).

mattritchiegspresso3528d ago

It certainly has had great success, and that's not surprising, but that doesn't mean that we should agree with essentially the same cash-grab being shipped out year after year, regardless of how good it is.

memots3528d ago

Got 2010, 2012 , 2013 , skipping 2014 just nothing new in there, 2015 is the true next gen