Top Ten PSOne Classics On PlayStation Network (RunDLC)

PSOne was sweet back in the day. Sony and numerous third parties combined to create one of the most impressive video game libraries in history, bolstered by franchises like Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and Crash Bandicoot. The console disappeared from shelves years ago, but it still lives through the PlayStation Network, which contains well over 60 classic titles, many of which cost $5.99. If you’re a fan or want to experience the greatest hits for the first time, here’s a list of the top 10 PSOne classics.

John Artest

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Smiling5353203d ago

I still remember when Square jumped ship to Sony. Was huge...and FFVII, or at least a version of it, was running on N64.

Buff10443203d ago

I couldn't wait for RE2 to come out. Barely got any sleep.

Smiling5353203d ago

Not as big into RE2...too scary...but Crash Team Racing was more my speed. Great alternative to Mario Kart.

KillerPwned3203d ago

There was a version of FF7 running on the N64?

Cold 20003203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Yep, it was origannaly a N64 game but then became a PS didnt even go multiplat..

Sony fans were ok with that of course :D

catguykyou3203d ago

Square chose to bring it to PS due to them using the CD format. Allowed them to include the pre-rendered videos they were known for during the last two gens. I'm sure if it was possible to have it on both those consoles at the time, they would have. Just makes more sense for them financially. Square or any other company does not care about loyalty to a company. They want as many people as possible to play their games.

Buff10443203d ago

Eh, RE2 wasn't nearly as scary as the first one. Maybe because it was such a new experience. By part 2...I was desensitized.

Smiling5353203d ago

Maybe. I'm just not that into Scary games. Can't even play Dead Space for more than a few minutes.

Buff10443203d ago

Haha that's funny, because neither can I, and I love the Dead Space series. Even with the lights on, it's tough. That doesn't bode well for DS2. I haven't even finished the first game because the audio terrifies me. Something hits the floor and I automatically freak out. EA did great work with the sound.

That said, I never really finished Crash 3. Maybe it's time to do that. I downloaded it to my PSP. The big crime is parappa the rapper. It's PSP only and it costs $22.99!

Hazmat133203d ago

needs more Crash bandicoot!!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!

Buff10443203d ago

Crash was sweet back in the day. I miss him. His latest games are nowhere near as good.

Hazmat133203d ago

ya after ND sold the rights of crash bandicoot. its bullshit crash is the OG of BEAST!

ranmafandude3203d ago

it was famous then,now,and will be forever.

ian723203d ago

I'm not very interested in getting old PS1/2 games anymore. I have too many PS3 games to finish at the moment. The only way I'm interested is if they do the same as GOW1+2, updated with HD graphics on a Blu-ray disc. Then it would have to be a very good game for me to buy it.

Blaine3203d ago

but I got most of the games I wanted.

MGS, FFVIII and IX, Castlevania SotN, Tomb Raider, and Crash 2. Not many games left I really want to revisit.

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