Why Developers Choose PSN Over XBLA

NowGamer speaks to Joe Danger developer Hello Games to discover why more indie and established developers are publishing their games on PSN over XBLA

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HorsePowerr4129d ago

"Sony seems to be doing everything it can to support creative studios by giving them the room to express themselves and fulfil their vision."

The main reason I own a PS3.

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bustamove4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

....Is it me or am I seeing the use of multiple accounts around here yet again? How did thus guy receive nine disagrees in the space of two minutes? If you're going to disagree, then have the BALLS to prove him wrong.

Anyway, I agree. This makes me proud to own a PS3 either way. PSN has some good games and I'm pretty sure more are coming out this year.

plenty a tool4129d ago

i'm sorry, but i think nowgamer is another site run by fanboys. and just look at some of their columns lol.

if the competition is stiff on live, then the game devs need to step up their game and make something worth buying.

i've not bought one xbla or psn title in 2 years. i have no interest in these sort of games anymore

Mmmkay4129d ago

these sort of games ? you just proved yourself silly...

0mega44128d ago

one site with a sony bias.

but at least its not vgchartz who post there xbox biased numbers

RageAgainstTheMShine4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Fat Princess,
Death Spank,
Joe Danger,
Scott Pilgrim
my awesome PSN games!!!

Oh wait there will be more!

Kung Fu Live!
Beat Sketchers!

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big_silky4129d ago

I don't see the creators of Limbo, Toy Soldiers or indie games like Shoot 1Up or Breath of Death complaining.

Newtype4129d ago

Because they are paid hush money.

Perjoss4129d ago

you been watching too many movies

Snakefist304129d ago

Ya M$ Paid Them Alot Of Money So Tat They Cannot Complain.

Sez 4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Seem more like this dev wants top priority over other indie games and maybe more upset because of compitition on XBL. That he's more worried that his game will get lost in the shuffle. Maybe if his game stood out it wouldn't be a problem. Other indie dev aren't having the same problem and it seems more like he's the only one complaining. Step up your game. Problem solved

Biggest4128d ago

There are many indie developers that aren't relevant enough to complain. As it was explained earlier, any and everyone can get their "game" onto Xbox Live. Unless people are buying dozens of new indie games per week it is very likely that all of your time and effort will go to waste. It's easy to say "Step up your game" when you're the consumer. As a side note. . . Why don't you say that for the many horrible products and prices shoved at you (Xbox online gaming for instance)?. . . Not everyone has the resources right out of the gate to fully create their vision. Luck isn't on everyone's side.

darx4129d ago

Sony paid this guy to say that

LarryMiller4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

I don't understand how he's complaining
he is just sayin that indie have more success on PSN.
I don't like buying stuff on XBL because you have to be logged in to play the games which is a rip off because if I decide to cut my internet off or if my connection is fucked I can't play the games I paid for.
My biggest concern about payin for XBL games is will we still be able to play those game in 10 years from now. will we still be able get online with the 360 because you cant get online with the original xbox anymore so will that happen to 360.
PSN doesn't do that, if I buy games I can them play whenever
You can also have the stuff you buy on PSN on about 5 ps3's so me friend can share games.
I don't invest money in XBL cause I don't like microsofts policy and I don't want to get screwed.

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Kiriel4129d ago

They don't, actually. This guy might think so, but it's bull that most developers prefer it.

Scotland-The-Brave4129d ago

Proof? Can you justify your answer?

-PINNER-4128d ago

All I have to say is that it's too bad that Hello Games weren't able to put Joe Danger on XBL, because it's an incredibly awesome game and it would've sold a ton on the 360. It's the best PSN game I've bought. Congratulations to Sony for seeing that.

earbus4129d ago

Arcade on 360 is getting great lately with ps3 finally psn cards have arrived in oz so i can get some warhawk dlc yeah and arcade titles still after 3 years i have not made a psn purchase.

olos4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

i dont see what all the hype for xbox is i pay 11 $ a month for nothing really
their games r more expensive i find too
not to mention all the pubescent idiots who plague live

i like how sony encourages creative and artistic devs
pixel junk and flower, last guy, etc
i guess xbox does too
but ive heard they have been rejecting cool games as of late
i own all those games and love them

xbox has game room but its totally under utilized
and indie games are plagued with crap games

i wish live would get som xbox classic like dragoon orta and some others
now that would be sweet

i think sonys store layout is better as well

i seriously do not care for the constant halo dev diaries either

kingdavid4129d ago

What "cool games" have they been rejecting?

HarryMonogenis4129d ago

"i dont see what all the hype for xbox is i pay 11 $ a month for nothing really"

I'm pretty sure it's not $11 a month, heck, here in the UK it's only £3 a month and during special deals it's £1 a month.

creepjack4129d ago

$50 a year does not equal $11 a month. Must be that new Sony math.

OSU_Gamer4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

The worst part is the fact that he gets 18 agrees.

dexterganpot4128d ago

LOL i work in game so i know the price of xbox Live, its £14.99 for 3 months and £39.99 for 12 months
dunno where u coming out with £3 a month lol

outlawlife4129d ago

not to mention lately there have been monthly discounts to get a year for 40, and even 30 from some place

if you are paying 11 a month you are getting hosed somewhere

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