Microsoft Expanding for Mobile Game Studio

DualShockers writes,

"It appears that Microsoft is getting ready for the arrival of Windows Phone 7 by expanding their posse of mobile game-savvy employees. A posting found on their site described that “Microsoft Games Studios is establishing a new Studio – MGS Mobile Gaming – focused on bringing games and entertainment to the mobile life that people lead. Our vision is to deliver games and entertainment so good that people will want them always with them, on a service that makes them social, connected and relevant anywhere their life goes.” A few other postings can be found expressing variations of this as well."

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Bedrockk4792d ago

i don't like the sound of this - it gives me a very Kinect feeling. some things MS does well, some things they don't. this is a don't.

Hitman07694792d ago

Oh wow, we agree on something for once ;). Seriously though, Windows Phone 7 looks freaking awesome in my opinion, and I am very skeptical of MS products typically.

D4RkNIKON4792d ago

I am waiting to hear more info on that Sony Playstation/Andriod phone. I hope it is what I think it will be

AAACE54791d ago

Lets just hope they don't repeat the KIN experience on other phones!

EvilBlackCat4792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

"i don't like the sound of this - it gives me a very Kinect feeling. some things MS does well, some things they don't. this is a don't."


you guys need to learn that is not your money, ITS their money and if they fall... WHO CARES?! LET THEM do whatever they want ITS their money.

YOU are the one who decides what stays in the market, YOU are the one who spend money on this stuff so if you find it unnecessary... just ignore it.

YOU dont like the sound? WHY? its your money?

AssassinHD4791d ago

What would you say EBC, if JackPalmeri happened to own stock in Microsoft? It is certainly within the realm of possibility.

MariaHelFutura4792d ago

Good Luck.........

Apple and Nintendo run that sh!t.

Stealth20k4792d ago

Its not a dedicated gaming device so they are only competing with apple.

The games on the phones wont be a speck of whats done on a dedicated handheld

mirroredderorrim4791d ago

Haha. Google is gaining ground, and fast. Android adoption rate is soaring faster than iOS had/has.

I:d personally keep an eye on what Google can offer for games, before MS.

ALTHOUGH, it will be interesting to see what MS can do with a viable handheld.
Good games? Gameplay that doesn:t get dull? Eyecandy? But, i wouldn:t want their nickle and dime business model to follow their *handheld*.

Chadness4792d ago

Basically they want to one up Apple, which isn't going to happen.

thevokillist4792d ago

Companies always have to compete with what's hot at the moment. I won't be buying because I'm a broke bast@rd though.

ndibu4792d ago

Just maybe...its a handheld.

Stealth20k4792d ago

Its not a handheld just a stupid phone.

Right now the 3ds remains king of mobile gamign experiences


Microsoft Execs Considered Bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming On PS5 Through A Browser

Microsoft executives seemingly considered bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming to the Sony PlayStation 5 through a browser.

XiNatsuDragnel2d ago

If that happens xbox wouldn't be a console business no more imo.

Jin_Sakai2d ago

So much weird crap has come out from all this this. They honestly don’t know what the hell to do with Xbox.

fr0sty1d 19h ago

This is where it is eventually heading, gamepass will go platform agnostic and MS will stop making hardware. The writing has been on the wall for years.

Fishy Fingers2d ago

Its no different to what they did with Apple when they wouldn't allow a proprietary Xcloud/gamepass app.

Xcloud by definition is the opposite of 'console business', its entire purpose is the lack of requirement for console/dedicated hardware. They want it on anything with a browser.

XiNatsuDragnel2d ago

Fair but putting xbox on your opps browser platform...? I think there's a sign.

OptimusDK2d ago

Funny how this is not supporting the narrative of Xbox just taking grants away from the read Activision blizzard

Rude-ro1d 14h ago

It means steam could be, at any point, brought to consoles and Microsoft wants to be there first.
Outside of third party games, what in the world could Microsoft bring?
Ohhhh wait a minute.. Microsoft is buying up all the third party publishers.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 20h ago

Good question 343 guilty spark aren't you ai for the halo construct?

Godmars2901d 20h ago

Not really a console now. Not with the focus on GP or wanting to stream to phones and TVs.

Then there's inability to support their platform through in house resources. Needing to buy 3rd party.

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ApocalypseShadow2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Can't say if that's a good thing having a limited browser or not. But it still does show the level of shadiness Microsoft would be willing to go to cut into Sony's sales behind the scenes...

Microsoft: "Damn! Sony is whooping our asses again. We have the most powerful console in the world and a smaller hardware footprint. And they are still beating our ass. Seems they could shape their console like a spacecraft and still kill us in sales. How do we stop this momentum?"

Top executive: " We could create more studios and beat them on high quality games."

Microsoft: " You're fired. Pack up your things. You.. you in the green shirt. What say you?"

All in the room: (they look puzzled as they are all wearing green except Phil in his gamer shirt.)

Microsoft: "Fine. (irritated) You with the mullet and the dark frames..."

Executive Mullet: "We could... we could buy up third parties that have made PlayStation a success and lock them out of those top games?"

Microsoft: "Yes. YES!! I like where you are going with this. Done! We buy the top players and take away games so that customers come to us. Hey you in the pony tail(Meeting Recorder), get on the phone and call the financial department for a meeting. We need to spend whatever it takes besides CANNIBALIZE our sales. Buy off congressmen if you have to. Who else?"

Executive playing with a Gears action figure: "Oh I know... we offer our services on Sony's console. That way, they'll be playing our games and not theirs. Like on the browser. Cutting into their profits as well."

Microsoft: "Promote this man too. Hmmm. Can Sony stop us or block the browser?"

Executive Gears: " Don't know but we'll look into it sir."

Microsoft: "Muaaahahaha!! Then, our control and domination of videogames will almost be complete. Has Nintendo stopped laughing and said yes yet? No? Then we'll play the long game until the time is right. Nintendo's future is off their hardware. Muaaahahaha!!!"

Meanwhile, Spider-Man 2 sells millions in its first month. The plot thickens...

IRetrouk1d 23h ago

No, no it really doesn't lol, that comparison was so flawed he had to delete🤣🤣

DarkZane1d 23h ago

In 2018, PSN was making more money than the Xbox and Nintendo entire gaming divisions combined. Yes, I am talking about just PSN, not the playstation division.

You seriously think Microsoft suddently started making this much more money when they're spending it left and right on Gamepass? Sorry no, in term of profits and revenues, Sony and Nintendo are likely far above them.

PunksOnN4G1d 23h ago

Sony make 24mil last Q xbox mad 14mil and Nintendo made 16mil you xbox kids just latching on to tht fake charts that he removed cuz he made them up HAHAHAH

Barlos1d 23h ago

Yet they're still number 3. Bottom of the pile.